5 Easy Way To Start Your Day Off Right And Be Happy

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Set your intentions every day.

How you start off your mornings definitely sets the tone for your full day ahead, so it’s important to be intentional about it.

While I love mornings, I am not not a morning person. I know, it sounds crazy! I love sleeping in and staying in bed for as long as I can, especially on the weekends.

However, as a busy mom of three, an entrepreneur, and a fur momma to two dogs (one being a new puppy), I’ve learned that experiencing my mornings in a productive way not only boosts my mood, but it also really helps me feel confident about conquering my big day ahead.

Having a morning routine that I have designed to work for my lifestyle makes me feel empowered. It helps me respond to the events of my day mindfully, rather than merely reacting—or, worse, overreacting—to them.

Here Are My 5 Easy Ways to Start Off Your Day Right and Be Happy:

Use the “Morning Before” Mindset 

When the evening winds down, I like to review my to-do list for the following day. This list includes my work schedule, the kids’ school calendars, our appointments, and my planned exercise time. This approach helps me focus on what’s important and determine where to direct my limited energy and time.

Set Intentions

I am really loving my early mornings alone with my pets while my family is still sleeping. I especially enjoy listening to my favorite positive affirmation videos from YouTube. This is my special setting intentions time. I put on my AirPods and listen to positive affirmations while I brush my teeth, cleanse my face, and get dressed. These positive affirmation videos playing in the background while I am doing mundane tasks help strengthen my mindset. 

Create Your Zen

My mornings are a blank canvas that I can design for the day. I “design” my mornings with essential oils that I use in my ceramic essential oil diffuser from Ajna. I like using a combination of energetic, clean scents to boost my mood and energy. The simple action of pouring water in the diffuser reservoir, along with drops of essential oils, is rhythmically therapeutic. I start up all of my four diffusers in various rooms downstairs, so when my family wakes up, they climb out of bed into a beautiful, spa-like sanctuary.

Do Hard Things First

Determining how to approach doing hard things first is a very individual issue. For me, prioritizing hard things involves clearing the clutter and cleaning up the kitchen. In an ideal world, my kitchen would be clean and tidy the night before, so I wouldn’t have to stress about cleaning it in the morning. However, most times this isn’t an ideal I can achieve. As a result, I have adapted to doing my “hard thing” first, and I have actually come to enjoy it.

Cleaning the kitchen has become a peaceful, methodical practice in the morning for me; coupled with my affirmations playing in the background, and my essential oil diffuser being on, I feel good and happy doing this oftentimes undesirable task. The end result is a clean kitchen, and, honestly, it really doesn’t take that long to wash the dishes and wipe the counters off.

Treat Yourself

Drink water first thing in the morning. This is a no-brainer for me. Your body is thirsty and craves the life-giving benefits of water after a night spent sleeping. Hydration is key! I love to add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to 8 oz. of water and have my morning tonic. That tonic helps me start off my day right. Another simple and easy drink I love in the morning involves mixing my greens juice and the Ajna Gorgeous Greens powder. The result not only tastes delicious, but is also oh so good for you. It delivers the phytonutrients from superfoods that my body needs and loves, and it also helps with detoxing.

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Live less out of habit and more out of intent.

I understand that life happens, and some mornings feel like a Manic Monday on repeat! Mornings like that can easily throw you off-schedule and rob you of joy. It is critical to remember to be gentle with yourself, because life happens. Learning to roll with the punches will help you feel calm and collected. 

There is always a new day to start off right, and I hope my five easy ways to begin your morning and be happy were helpful to you. I am grateful for my morning routine. It provides a framework to start my day off positively, and I invite you to create yours. 


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