My Jewelry Collection Launch with Krave

Celebutante Pendant Necklace x KRAVE Jewelry Collaboration

Celebutante Pendant Necklace x KRAVE Jewelry Collaboration

“Celebutante” Pendant Necklace x Krave

I am so proud to announce my jewelry collection with Krave! Krave creates stunning jewelry collaborations and launches with influencers. We created a beautiful pendant necklace that is of amazing quality and meaningful to me. 

Jewelry is a powerful statement to show the world how unique you are. My love for jewelry stems from my childhood, where my sweet grandmother and mother gifted me with cultural jewelry pieces that I treasure today. I have always dreamed about having my own jewelry line, and Krave came in at the perfect moment to assist with this life goal.

This beautiful pendant necklace I co-designed with Krave is stunning. I knew I wanted a piece that was both sophisticated and suitable as everyday wear for the on-the-go woman. The “Celebutante” pendant necklace is perfect as a stand-alone and would also look beautiful layered. The cubic zirconia gem in the rectangular pendant makes it luxe and elevated. This chic necklace is a reminder for women to be the main character in their own life. I am so excited about this piece and I hope you love this necklace as much as I do. 


Materials: 14K Gold On Brass, Cubic Zirconia

Length: 20.5″ = 2″

Pendant Dimensions: 15.5mm x 20.5mm

Clasp: Lobster Claw Clasp

Celebutante Pendant Necklace x KRAVE Jewelry Collaboration

You can shop the “Celebutante” Pendant Necklace here.

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