Peach Summer Collection: Haya Romper

It is official! Peach’s Summer Collection 2020 is live. It is time to shop, ladies. It has been worth the wait.

 c/o Peach Haya Romper in Modern Ikat | c/o WANTED Essence Wedge Sandals (similar and here) | snakeskin envelope clutch purse

Peach Summer Collection 2020: Hinata Dress

c/o Peach Haya Romper in Modern Ikat | c/o WANTED Essence Wedge Sandals (similar and here) | snakeskin envelope clutch purse

Photography by Erik Isakson.

How are you all doing? I hope this blog post finds you well. The last couple of weeks have been really rough for most of us. My head and heart have been aching due to the negative circumstances playing out in our country. My prayer is that we will come together and exercise more kindness, compassion, and understanding for Black Lives Matters. Together, we can make strides for change and harmony within our home and globally. I shared my thoughts about this on my Instagram and Stories if you are interested in reading them and want to join the discussion. Let’s uplift each other.

Peach Summer Collection: Haya Romper

Let’s talk about rompers. What is a romper? A romper, or often called a romper suit, is a one-piece or two-piece combination of shorts and a shirt. Some people may call a romper a playsuit as well, which includes short sleeves. Whatever you decide to call it we can all be in agreement that it screams summer style! Please comment below if you have never worn a romper. Well, I admit I was one of them until I was introduced to Peach’s Haya Romper. I love its relaxed fit that comes in a stretch woven fabric, which is lightweight. The fabric hangs away from your body, which lends to the casual vibe and allows you to feel cool in warmer temps.

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The back has a V opening that is so cute. It is also adjustable, allowing you to close it up with a snap closure if you choose to. The crew neckline is a classic feature for the top. You can adjust the elastic waistband with the ties to your comfort and style. The side seam pockets are great, allowing you to carry a face mask, lip balm, hand sanitizer, keys, and a small bottle of sunscreen. I love to use my pockets to carry all of my essentials, as it’s very convenient

You can wear Haya Romper both dressed up or down. To wear the romper for a summery date night, adding a pair of wedges or leather mules to your outfit is perfect. For a casual outing, you can pair this romper with flip flop sandals or white sneakers. You really can’t go wrong. I love rompers now because they are so easy to throw on and go. It is definitely a summer staple that you need to look great and feel great with little effort.

Hello. I’m A …. Model!

P.S. I am excited to announce that I have been selected to be a model for Peach’s upcoming Virtual Fashion Event hosted on Zoom and live streamed to both Facebook and Youtube on June 17th. Peach will be sharing some of their favorite summer looks and featuring styles from both the current collection and past seasons and I will be a model! The event will be narrated by Bevin Mugford from Peach’s Home Office Team. I have a couple of meetings with the Peach Team to prepare for the vitrual event and I am so excited! More deets to follow.

Thank you again for visiting my blog and make sure to check in for the next one.

Stay blessed!

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