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oNecklae Personalized Jewelry Debbie Savage

oNecklace Personalized Jewelry

First of all, I love jewelry and so do the women in my life. I got my ears pierced as a baby, and since then, my mom, auntie and grandma have been spoiling me with all kinds of beautiful, traditional Cambodian jewelry and today’s fashion jewelry. Yes, indeed, I am very blessed! So I am no stranger to wearing all sorts of gems, stones, and baubles. I love jewelry of all kinds, such as necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, and I honestly feel naked leaving home without wearing any.

oNecklace Personalized Jewelry

My introduction to personalized jewelry is a very sentimental one. It began when I became a mother. It is undeniable how special it feels to wear the name of your children around your neck and fingers. It is an intimate reminder of motherhood and how closely linked you will always be whether near or far. Whether you are a mother, grandmother, godmother, aunt or sister, you can display your love of your dear ones with personalized jewelry, and let’s not forget you can do the same thing with your spouse and companion for life. There are so many life situations, and wearing jewelry or better yet, gifting your loved one with sentimental personalized jewelry is a gift to be cherished for a lifetime.

oNecklace Personalized Jewelry Fashion Blogger Debbie Savage

The beautiful and fashionable jewelry from 0Necklace personalized jewelry is extraordinary. They have a huge selection of necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, collections and gifts. Established in 2012, 0Necklace is an international jewelry manufacturer, and their main office is based in Israel. They have a high level of excellent service, and customer satisfaction is a top priority. The beauty and high craftsmanship of their work is from their skilled workforce who take pride in the craft. And I can’t forget to mention how lovely their packaging is, which makes it an easy and simple way for gift giving.

oNecklace Personalized Jewelry on Hand Model
The gorgeous diamond gold ring I am wearing is from my late grandmother. It has a special meaning for me. I had it resized to fit my large finger. She was a petite Asian Yei (grandma in Cambodian) that I miss so much! Mixing fine jewelry and elegant fashionable jewelry is smart!

There is something about being in the driver’s seat and having total control of customizing your jewelry that I just love, and 0Necklace allows you to do that with selecting details such as materials (sterling silver, 24K gold plate and rose gold plate), personalization, chain length, chain style and clasp, for example. I love wearing pieces that are unique to me and stand out from the crowd. Pieces that mean something, go beyond trends and are symbolic of people who mean the most in my life. Though I have a few personalized name necklaces I already own, I decided to embark on new personalized pieces to add to my collection. I am really excited to tell you about them and hope they inspire you to treat yourself to something new or provide gift ideas for your loved ones and or special occasions coming up.

oNecklace Personalized Jewelry Stackable Rings with Name

Stackable Rings with Names

I love the look of these Stackable Rings with Names. It is both timeless and on trend! You can mix and match the materials, such as sterling silver, 24K gold plate and rose gold plate. To create your look is easy. Just enter the names and make sure to get the correct ring size. They make such a chic statement. I love looking down at my fingers and seeing the names of my three kids: Emmeline, Chloe and Elijah. They are comfortable to wear, and I am just crazy about these dainty personalized layered rings.

oNecklace Personalized Jewelry on Model Hand

oNecklace Personalized Jewelry Stackable Initial Ring

Stackable Initial Ring

The perfect way to personalize your hands. The way to style your jewelry aesthetic is endless with this Stackable Initial Ring. I decided to go with the simple look of ordering one with the first letter of my first name “D.” It looks so cool and sophisticated. Though the style is simple, it does not lack in style appeal. It is available in 24K gold plate, rose gold and sterling silver. You can wear one ring on your finger or stack them up to make a bolder statement and to spell out a word that means something to you.

oNecklace Personalized Skinny Bar Bracelet on Wrist

oNecklace Personalized Jewelry Skinny Bar Bracelet

Skinny Bar Bracelet

This is the first name bracelet that I have ever seen and I am in love with it! I love the fact that it is a Skinny Bar Bracelet. It is very understated, making it quite chic and effortless, which I love. The minimalist look is quite on trend right now. You can also choose to layer these bracelets as well, but I prefer just wearing one. It also comes in sterling silver, 24K gold plate and rose gold plate. Personalized with any name of your choice and select your desired length of rolo chain. Since receiving it, I haven’t taken it off. I absolutely love it!

oNecklace Personalized Jewelry Skinny Bar Bracelet 2

Make sure to check out the beautiful and fashionable jewelry from 0Necklace. They also have a section for men if you are looking for a perfect jewelry gift for your man for Father’s Day.

oNecklace Personalized Jewelry Fashion Blogger Debbie Savage

Do you have a favorite of oNecklace? What is your favorite personalized jewelry or keepsake that you own? I love jewelry with a meaning.

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