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Photography by Powder and Paint.

I have always loved wearing a hat.  There is an instant “a la mode” attitude you get when you put one on! This light-weight floppy hat from PanMilli fits the bill! Irina Pan created her ETSY shop featuring on-trend custom-made hats with panache that I absolutely love!

PanMilli offers stylish summer hats with fun & sassy sayings like “OFF DUTY”, “DO NOT DISTURB”, and “HELLO SUNSHINE.” Her hats come in 3 different colors and each are hand designed making them one-of-a-kind!  I love custom-designed pieces!

What makes her business unique is that she provides the option for saying customization.  Think of the variety of special occasions that you could highlight with a custom piece such as this!  Celebrate moments in your life sporting your favorite mantra or highlighting an important event such as girls’ trip, summer party, family reunion, bridal/baby showers, birthdays, etc., on the rim of your hat!

For me, when I need a break from the kids it reads “OFF DUTY”!

I do believe accessories can make or break your outfit and a hat like this definitely is a show stopper! Other summer accessories that will impact your swim and resort wear are:

Fashionable Swimsuit Cover Up
Trendy Jewelry Piece (whether it is a dainty necklace or bold cuff)
Flattering & Chic Swimsuit
Nifty & Comfortable Sandals
Enjoy your summer my friends and beat the heat with your own custom-made floppy hat from PanMilli.  Use Coupon Code DEBBIESAVAGE at checkout for 15% off your order!  Make sure to mark her shop as an ETSY Favorite.
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Debbie-Savage-La-Blanca-One-Piece-Swimsuit Debbie-Savage-Summer-Swimsuit-Cover-Up Debbie-Savage-PanMilli-Summer-Hat-1A Debbie-Savage-Gold-Cuff
Debbie-Savage-Gold-Cuff-2 Debbie-Savage-Summer-Sandals Debbie-Savage-Summer-Swimsuit-Cover-Up-2 Debbie-Savage-La-Blanca-One-Piece-Swimsuit-2





  1. Jeanine Ly
    November 14, 2016 / 10:11 am

    oOoh Lavender is such a beautiful color on you! You remind me of one of my favorite Disney princesses, Princess Jasmine! but, in a swimsuit hehe
    These are such great tips, I need to start accessorizing more when wearing a swimming suit. I typically just bring my sandals, and a towel haha

    • November 14, 2016 / 2:02 pm

      Ha ha! Thank you so much! This photo shoot was so fun! It didn’t feel like work! He he! Sometimes, I accessorize so much with my bathing suit I don’t want to step into the water! Oh, and I love Princess Jasmine! xoxo

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