MIRACLE: Towels that fight unwanted bacteria 

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MIRACLE Brand: Towels that fight unwanted bacteria

Laundry Woes

‘Adulting’ is not an easy feat. Life can feel really hard sometimes. But for most of us, adulthood really strikes the hardest when we realise that nobody’s going to be doing our laundry for us. No matter what our differences, the looming fear of having to face dirty laundry is something all struggling adults have in common. 

MIRACLE Brand: Towels that fight unwanted bacteria

Life-Changing Towels

I am constantly doing laundry and even more so during the pandemic as everyone is home. As soon as I am done with a few washes, there is a new set of dirty smelly laundry (filled with mounds of towels) waiting to be washed. The smell of dirty towels makes my stomach want to hurl so laundry time it is – 24/7! Let me say, that this routine is getting old. 

MIRACLE Brand: Towels that fight unwanted bacteria

There is a Solution

What if I told you, that there are towels and bed sheets out there that you don’t need to wash every week? Yes, that’s right. Trust me when I tell you, my life literally changed when I discovered them. This is why I love Miracle Brand towels! They are towels that fight unwanted bacteria. It contains natural silver and I am so excited to share with you WHY this is important. 

MIRACLE Brand: Towels that fight unwanted bacteria

Introducing Miracle

The Miracle Bath Towel Sets – which include bath towels, hand towels and washcloths – are one of the best towels I have ever laid my hands on. Infused with pure, natural silver, the towels prevent up to 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria. As a result, they stay fresh for 3 times longer, which means that I need to do laundry 3 times less than usual. There is just one word to best describe how I feel about this – hallelujah

MIRACLE Brand: Towels that fight unwanted bacteria

It’s All About Luxury

This isn’t the only aspect that made me fall in love with Miracle. Ever since their towels have been introduced to me, all other towels are just inferior to me. Made of premium cotton, these towel sets are ultra-plush and feel as soft as a feather. I’m a girl who loves taking a long, relaxing bath every weekend, and these towels pair perfectly with my bathing routine. 

Softness that You Crave

When I get done with my bath, I look forward to drying myself off, as the towel feels like honey against my skin – unlike other towels that seem too harsh and aggravate my skin. This is exactly what won me over – the softness of the delicate fabric.

MIRACLE Brand: Towels that fight unwanted bacteria

Best Drying Power

On the days when I am in a hurry, the towels do a splendid job at drying me off in no time. Their quality allows for maximum absorbency and they dry in ½ the usual time. Perfect for when you’re running late to a special appointment or meeting but still need to shower to feel your best.

MIRACLE Brand: Towels that fight unwanted bacteria

The Best Sheets

I also invite you to try Miracle’s amazing sheets and pillow cases. They are just as amazing! Made with luxurious cotton, the 500-thread count, antibacterial sheets are breathable and feel extremely luscious.  

MIRACLE Brand: Towels that fight unwanted bacteria

Antibacterial Properties

With these soft sheets and pillow cases, you’re destined for undisturbed sleep every single night – something we all deeply yearn for. Moreover, their antibacterial properties also help with morning stuffiness and clearer skin, as acne can be triggered by dirty pillows. 

MIRACLE Brand: Towels that fight unwanted bacteria

Made Just For You

I believe that the Miracle towel sets and bedding are something all of you should invest in. We all deserve some TLC, and these products promise exactly that. Moreover, their amazing quality is surely going to make your life feel easier and oh, so glam with a needed dash of luxe! With all that we adults struggle with on a daily basis, let’s make one thing easy – doing less laundry by switching your old towels with Miracle Brand luxurious antibacterial towels. 



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