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ColorStreet 100% Real Nail Polish Strips Catalog

Take matters into your own hands with Color Street! The pandemic is putting a kink into our lives in more ways than one. Don’t let this challenge prevent you from pampering yourself. One way I love to pamper myself is getting my nails done. In most places, nail salons are considered non-essential, which is a total bummer. But before you throw your hands up in the air and give up on having an amazing manicure, I have the perfect solution. Have you considered Color Street? If this fabulous madeintheUSA company is new to you, keep reading because you are in for a treat! 

ColorStreet 100% Real Nail Polish Strips

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ColorStreet 100% Real Nail Polish Strips Catalog

Nail Polish Details

Color Street Nail Polish Strips are a type of mess-free and easy-to-apply nail polish. The fabulous perk of using these nail polish strips is that there is NO dry time. You can use them on your fingers or toes. There are so many fashionforward colors and cool designs that will suit everyone. 

ColorStreet 100% Real Nail Polish Strips Easy Application

This is your way to getting a salonquality manicure in minutes. It is so easy, as it’s a one-step application. All the colors are chip-resistant and longlasting. Depending on your daily activities, your nail polish can last up to 10 days! 

I absolutely love that there is no dry time, which means you don’t have to worry about smudges or streaks. Also, every strip is made from 100% real nail polish that contains a base coat, color, and top coat all in one. Another perk is that it is travel-friendly, making it super convenient to use. 

You can remove the polish with your everyday nail polish remover. Also, it is practically a one-size-fits-all, as each nail polish strip is flexible. It can be gently stretched for a perfect fit. Plus, it is made in the USA with globally patented technology. 

ColorStreet 100% Real Nail Polish Strips Made in USA

ColorStreet 100% Real Nail Polish Strips Easy Application

ColorStreet 100% Real Nail Polish Strips French Manicure

ColorStreet 100% Real Nail Polish Strips Made in USA

Here is a brief description of the designs offered and the price points: SOLIDS – $11.00, GLITTERS – $12.00, GLITTER-DIPPED – $13.00, GLITTER NAIL ART DESIGNS – $13.00, CLEAR NAIL ART DESIGNS – $11.00, NAIR ART DESIGNS – $13.00, FRENCH – $14.00. Also, available in PETITE size and for PEDICURE.

How to Apply 

Before starting, make sure to clean your nails with the prep cloth that is included in each kit. This will remove oils or lotions to make the application easier and effective. It is so effortless!

Step 1: Remove clear cover

Step 2: Peel polish strip

Step 3: Remove tab and select end

Step 4: Apply to nail and gently stretch to fit

Step 5: Gently file excess or remove with fingernail (each kit comes with a small file)

Color Street is proudly made in America. We love our country and value all those who make it work. Growing American jobs and giving back to our country help make our products even greater!

Things to Remember 

Each Color Street Nail Polish Strip is for one-time use only. When you open the package, make sure to use it immediately. Strips will begin to dry once they are exposed to the air. Pay attention to the room temperature. Strips are more pliable when it is warm and more rigid when it is cold. I hope that you found this introduction to Color Street helpful and inspiring. This is the perfect way to get a damage-free and salonquality manicure at home. I absolutely love it! A set begins at $11.00.

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Cheers to beautiful and stylish nails for the New Year and beyond! 


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