Why You Need A Snakeskin Print Dress

SHEIN Snakeskin Print Slit Thigh Chain Detail Dress

I have always been a fan of snakeskin print. Whenever I see this print online or in the stores I go crazy! My attraction to this animal print is really feeding my need to walk on the wild side. Ironically, in real life I am as risk averse as you can get. But when it comes to fashion, I like to be bold and sometimes wild. You know my stance on fashion: fashion is fun and if you have always stayed on the conservative side I invite you to take a step outside of the box and play with some snakeskin pattern that is bound to cause a stir and make you feel alive.

SHEIN Snakeskin Print Slit Thigh Chain Detail Dress

I love this snakeskin printed dress from SHEIN. The gold chain detail in the shoulder straps is so unique. The snakeskin print hits the jackpot with its perfect representation of our reptile friends. The split thigh detail adds a little sexiness to this look without going overboard. This dress is so much fun to wear. If you are looking for a statement dress – you have found it here. You should have a fun and statementmaking dress or two (in my case it is a few if not several) to wear on a special night out. You never know when you will need it and snakeskin print never goes out of style.

SHEIN Snakeskin Print Slit Thigh Chain Detail Dress

Snakeskin print dresses come in all sorts of colors. I like to choose one that is subtle in color like the one I am wearing. The neutral colors of beige and black allows the snakeskin print to do all of the talking. Choosing a black handbag and boots (similar) was strategic so as to not conflict with the snakeskin print. However, I still wanted a touch of bright color and the earthy tone of turquoise to add a subtle pop to this magnetizing outfit. This is why I have turquoise in my earrings and bracelet (similar). What do you think of the effect? If you have ever been on the fence about wearing a snakeskin print dress or how, I hope this style post will nudge you in the right direction. It is OK to take risks with fashion and more often than not, the risk is worth taking!

Coupon Code: Use DEBBIES15 for 15% off everything at SHEIN. Get my snakeskin print dress from SHEIN. I am wearing a size large.

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