Proud to be featured in BlogHer: How to Amplify Your Support for AAPI Content Creators

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Troubled by the recent hate crimes against the Asian community? Read 13 outstanding women from the AAPI community share their perspectives and voice their personal concerns in BlogHer Community Section article, 

How to Amplify Your Support for AAPI Content Creators by Nikki Brown.

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My Connection

Learn about their helpful and insightful suggestions on how to support their efforts as AAPI content creators who are often underrepresented. I am proud be among these inspiring and strong women. My heart aches right now about this issue and frankly I am too depleted to express more about it at the moment.

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It hurts me the most to see our elderly friends and family members hurt, injured, or even killed. I just want to protect my family and everyone else who could be affected by these detrimental and malicious actions toward Asians (whether young or old, male or female, and all Asian ethnicities and Pacific Islanders). Stop the Asian Hate.


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How You Can Help Today

I urge you to please support us! We are all a global family. I have always been taught from a young age to respect our elders. This is something I continue to model and instill in my children. We need to honor and respect our elders (not ignore, demean or hurt them). 

Stand with us and help. Again, I invite you to please read the article and share it. I hope you find my statement helpful and a tool to start the conversation with your family and friends. Thank you for reading.

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Debbie Savage Asian American Blogger AAPI Content Creator

How to Amplify Your Support for AAPI Content Creators

Debbie Savage, founder of To Thine Own Style Be True

A blog where women can learn to look and feel their best through relatable and inspiring content on style and beauty. 

“As a woman of Cambodian descent whose family immigrated to America for peace and protection, the recent events break my heart and highlight the importance of community support. Growing up as a first-generation immigrant in America made me realize that representation matters, whether in the media or the beauty industry—we should be celebrating and recognizing our differences. Little girls should be able to grow up seeing Asian-American women that look like them on social media and in magazines.

In light of recent violent events and in an effort to support creators part of the AAPI community not just in the next few days but over the long term, consider doing small gestures such as using their affiliate links when shopping, engaging with their sponsored posts on social media, acknowledging Asian beauty trends and practices when replicating them (gua sha, K-beauty) and holding brands accountable to do the same, and sharing their profiles and blogs with your friends. These steps, which may seem insignificant at first glance, can truly help create lasting change by giving AAPI creators a voice and ensuring a more accurate representation of America, which is made stronger by our diversity. It is time to change the narrative.”

Source: Blogher | How to Amplify Your Support for AAPI Content Creators

SHEmedia Blogher Supports AAPI Community

25 MARCH 2021 – Shop and Support
Companies Supporting the AAPI* Community

*AAPI stands for: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Asian-American-founded Merchants to Support


  • Gentle Monster : Fashion-forward eyewear brand founded by Hankook Kim
  • Kara : NYC handbag label by Sarah Law 
  • JW Pei : Luxury vegan leather handbags, founded by Stephanie Li and Yang Pei
  • Notte : Lifestyle accessories brand, with a focus on jewelry founded by Jessica Tse 
  • SVNR handmade jewelry & hand-dyed silks by Christina Tun 


  • Cle Cosmetics : Korean skincare and makeup brand founded by Lauren Jin
  • Glow Recipe : Cruelty-free, clean, fruit-powered skincare founded by Christine Chang
  • Pink Moon : Inclusive wellness and community space founded by Lin Chen
  • Soko Glam : Korean beauty marketplace founded by Charlotte Cho
  • Tatcha : Luxury Japanese beauty products founded by Victoria Tsai


  • Material Kitchen : Modern, affordable kitchenware by Eunice Byun
  • The Qi : Organic whole flower tea company founded by Lisa Li
  • The Sill : Indoor plants and potted houseplants business co-founded by Eliza Blank


  • Copper Cow Coffee : Vietnamese coffee business founded by Debbie Wei Mullin
  • Nguyen Coffee Supply : Vietnamese coffee import business founded by Sahra Nguyen
  • Omsom : Recipe starter sauce kit business founded by Vanessa and Kim Pham 
  • Umamicart : Asian grocery delivery service co-founded by Andrea Xu

Brand New Merchants


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