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As a mother of three my body has gone through some major changes from being pregnant. It has been amazing to witness what my body was designed to do by Mother Nature. I nursed three of my children and loved the experience. However, it was an awkward adjustment to find the right bra when I was nursing and then the time after for a perfect fit. In addition, the fluctuating weight gain and weight loss from being pregnant just added angst to finding the right bra!

ToThineOwnStyleBeTrue | Debbie Savage | ThirdLove | How to Solve Your Bra-blems

ToThineOwnStyleBeTrue | Debbie Savage | ThirdLove | How to Solve Your Bra-blems
ToThineOwnStyleBeTrue | Debbie Savage | ThirdLove | How to Solve Your Bra-blems


Looking good in your clothes begins with what’s underneath.  Finding the right fitting bra makes everything look and feel better.  Your gait is self-assuring, your posture is in check, and simply you feel comfortable which translates into major confidence!  Ladies, it is not just the bra itself — but how you FEEL in it. It has been noted that 80% off us walk around with ill-fitting bra!  This is a huge number!


Whether you have issues with your band riding up, straps digging in, quad-boob, side boob and cup gaping —  ThirdLove will help you discover a bra that is designed to compliment the diversity of REAL women!  Say, AMEN if you like the sound of that!?!

Based in San Francisco, ThirdLove is here to help empower women to decide what is their idea of sexy –not an outworn male idea of what sexy is.  No matter what stage of life you are in and what responsibilities you hold you can be SEXY for yourself. ThirdLove believes in helping women feel confident and comfortable in all aspects of life.

Their bras have been designed to fit real women’s bodies as they don’t use the industry standards of bra sizing.  They offer half-sizes as they found out through their research 50% of women sizes A-E fall in between standard cup sizes. Their bras are made with real women measurements.


Heidi Zak & Ra’el Cohen designed an ingenious iOS sizing app to help you solve your bra-blems! In four easy steps at the comfort and convenience of your own home with using your buddy the iPhone — you will be matched with your perfect form fitting bra.

Another amazing aspect of this company is that they have been donating $1 million worth of bras to women in need! Oh, I love businesses with a purpose! Allow ThirdLove to help you find the ThirdLove for your body shape and style needs. Remember to use their Fit Finder and coupon code of BRABLEMSJAN15 for 15% off your order.

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