Four Secrets to Firmer Looking Skin with SwissJust

Today’s post marks the final installment of a three-part series with SwissJust. I love SwissJust and have been using their natural essential oil-infused products for over a year now. My skin’s health and appearance has improved dramatically. It still amazes me when complete strangers compliment me on how young I look when I am with my three kids ages 13.5 to 6.5 years.

I can definitely attest that caring for my skin and focusing on helping it look smoother, silkier and firmer has lead to younger looking skin. Read along while I share with you SwissJust Body Care Cellfit Set to assist you in getting forever firmer skin!

Four Secrets to Firmer Looking Skin with SwissJust

SwissJust Body Care Cellfit Set: Cellfit Exfoliating Cream, Cellfit Bust Firming Cream, Cellfit Anti-Cellulite Day Gel, and Cellfit Anti-Cellulite Night Cream.

Four Secrets to Firmer Looking Skin with SwissJust

Four Secrets to Firmer Looking Skin with SwissJust

Secret #1: Renew Your Skin with Exfoliating Herbal Cream

Renew your skin with SwissJust Exfoliating Herbal Cream. This is a must as it helps prepare the skin for better absorption of the active ingredients in the rest of the Body Care CellFit collection.  I love the texture and can feel it gently remove dead skin from my body. I know how busy life can get but I have noticed that doing this at least once a week and approved the surface of my skin revealing a radiant glow I need.

Four Secrets to Firmer Looking Skin with SwissJust

I am going to be real with you!  Yes, I have stretch marks and cellulite. I have had three kids, as you know and have some “battle scars” to proudly show from it!  LOL! With my firstborn Emi, I gained 65 lbs and with Chloe my second and Elijah my third, I gained both 45 lbs!  So, my skin has been stretched and the weight gain from my pregnancies has changed the appearance of my skin.

Perfection is not what I am aiming for but total health and wellness is! Over the years (yes, it is a lifetime pursuit with no quick fixes) I have dialed in my nutrition and fitness routine to lose unwanted pounds.

There has been ups and downs but staying consistent to eating well most of the time pays off. Lifting weights also helps firm my physique and tighten my muscles for a toned look. Exercising also helps with managing my stress and it is a non-negotiable block of time I schedule for myself 4 – 6 days each week.

Four Secrets to Firmer Looking Skin with SwissJust

Secret #2: Fight Cellulite with Anti-Cellulite Day Gel 

With SwissJust Cellfit Anti-Cellulite Duo which includes Anti-Cellulite Day Gel and Anti-Cellulite Night Cream fight cellulite and change the texture and appearance of your skin.

Anti-Cellulite Day Gel is an invigorating gel and its texture is very light for morning application. The Red Vine Leaf promotes a fat burning action to improve the dimpling effect of cellulite. My skin definitely feels firm and I feel more confident wearing my exercise leggings to the gym and jeggings for errands out and about town.

Four Secrets to Firmer Looking Skin with SwissJust

Four Secrets to Firmer Looking Skin with SwissJust

Secret #3: Firm Up Breast Skin with Bust Firming Herbal Cream (+ arms too!) 

Our breasts need special treatment too! Stretching of the skin due to weight gain, gravity, and nursing for you mamas out there (I nursed all my three kids) affects the appearance of your bust. I am game for anything that helps to improve skin sagging and to help promote firmness in this area. The Bust Firming Herbal Cream is amazing in improving your breast skin and works for enhancing the firmness of your arms too!

This soft rich cream is a delight to apply. Its lifting effects has helped to improve my breast shape and arms for a toned and smooth appearance. I am really happy with this!

Four Secrets to Firmer Looking Skin with SwissJust

Four Secrets to Firmer Looking Skin with SwissJust

Four Secrets to Firmer Looking Skin with SwissJust

Secret #4: Improve Circulation and Water Drainage with Anti-Cellulite Night Cream

My trouble spot is the skin along my hips and thighs. I have cellulite here and stretch marks. Though I wish there was a magic wand to vanish these skin elasticity issues — sadly there’s not. I know I can do my best in proper nutrition and regular exercise to firm my skin.

The importance of using the best body care products should be highly considered. The benefit of using Cellfit’s Anti-Cellulite products is that it assists with improving micro-circulation and water drainage. This is key in areas where there is cellulite deposit! Enhancing circulation to these stubborn areas is critical to the fat burning process.

Continue the fat fighting process with the Night Cream from the Cellfit Anti-Cellulite Duo. The magic happens when your body is at rest. While at rest your body is in repair mode. With the use of the Anti-Cellulite Night Cream your skin, especially those stretch marks I have been talking about — will improve in color, texture and the depth.

These results can be seen as early as four weeks with optimal results in eight. I love to slather this baby along the the sides of my thighs, back of thighs, inner thighs and hips!

Four Secrets to Firmer Looking Skin with SwissJust

Four Secrets to Firmer Looking Skin with SwissJust

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Smoother, silker and firmer looking skin year round!

Happy Labor Day my friends!  Today marks the last day of summer.  This is no reason to slack off on skin care thinking you can hide your beautiful body in tons of layers and clothes.  Fall and winter is where I really pay attention to my skincare routine, nutrition and exercise habits.

I hope you have enjoyed my three part series with SwissJust!  Please, make sure to check out my last two beauty posts with SwissJust on improving your physical health and physical intimacy — these are definitely good reads.

Discover the power of essential oils and feel amazing every moment of the day. To learn more about the SwissJust Essential Oil Blends or to order your the Body Care CellFit Set please reach my girl Kimmie Knesek who is an independent consultant for Swiss Just.

Kimmie Knesek

SwissJust Independent Consultant

Website: www.swissjustusa/kimmiek

Instagram: @kimmiesessentials

This post is sponsored by Kimmie Knesek, SwissJust Independent Consultant. All opinion, reviews, and text are my own. Thank you for supporting companies I love



  1. Rach
    September 4, 2017 / 1:23 pm

    I’ve never heard of this brand, but glad to hear it works! I definitely need some firming LOL!

  2. LaToya C
    September 4, 2017 / 1:34 pm

    This product line sounds amazing! I could use so many of these products! I’m definitely checking them out!

  3. Ashley Hargrove
    September 4, 2017 / 6:26 pm

    I’ve never heard of this brand but desperately need to try!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. September 4, 2017 / 6:52 pm

    I’ve never heard of this line before. But now I’m really curious to try the products now!

  5. JenLax
    September 4, 2017 / 8:33 pm

    Love oil-based products for smoother skin!! Thanks for sharing! Beaut pics.

    xo Jen ||

  6. Ashley Zeal
    September 4, 2017 / 10:19 pm

    Will definitely be trying this!!!

  7. Emily Soto
    September 5, 2017 / 5:28 am

    These products sound amazing! This mama needs to try it!


  8. September 5, 2017 / 6:36 am

    Thanks for sharing and being real and confident in your own skin!

  9. Lizinlosangeles
    September 5, 2017 / 4:28 pm

    I will need to check out these products. Love discovering new goodies.

  10. amy loochtan
    September 5, 2017 / 4:54 pm

    these products sound like a dream!

  11. David Elliott
    September 6, 2017 / 1:18 am

    You look absolutely amazing. This skin cream must be doing an amazing job of protecting and enhancing the beauty of your skin. Looks like an amazing product.

  12. September 6, 2017 / 5:27 am

    So many wonderful benefits! I need this in my life!

  13. Janella Panchamsingh
    September 6, 2017 / 9:50 am

    I am really interested in trying these products. I love finding out about new products to help me sustain great skin

  14. Stella
    September 6, 2017 / 3:23 pm

    Girl, anybody with kids knows they probably need this, lol! Never heard of the brand, but definitely worth a try! Great post!

  15. Torche Nash
    September 8, 2017 / 6:32 am

    First off, I’d like to start with how gorgeous you are! Secondly, I love the fact you mentioned that you are looking for health and not perfection. I completely agree with you when it comes to choosing the right products for our skin. I will definitely look into these products. Thanks for sharing!

  16. September 11, 2017 / 8:09 am

    I’ve never heard of this brand! Would love to try the anti-cellulite cream!


  17. Kachet - The Lipstick Giraffe
    September 12, 2017 / 3:58 pm

    Wow! These look amazing! I’m starting to change up my products so I will have to check these out.

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