Easter Sunday with the Savages



My Dress: Pink Desert | Elijah’s Blazer: Cherokee Blue Blazer | Chloe’s Dress: H&M, similar color, similar style  | Chloe’s Necklace: Sugar Cube | Albert’s Suit: Salvatore Exte  | Albert’s Tie: Jacquard Woven Tie, similar here | Emi’s Dress: Roxette High/Low Dress, similar here, here, here |  Girl’s Hair Accessory:  Princess Crown Comb


Easter Basket Goodies: Happy Easter Free Printable | Photo Box | Super Miracle Bubbles | Sock Monkey, similar here | Teddy Bears, similar here | Wood Letters, similar here | White Scribble Eggs | Fun Dip | Fruit Snacks | Pop Rocks Candy | Mini-Robin Eggs | Gummy Crabby Patties | Owl Necklace for Girls

Happy Easter everyone!  Here is a fun shot of their Easter baskets! We love spending this day together attending church as a family and hearing inspiring messages about our Savior Jesus Christ.  My husband and I teach Sunday School for the youth in our church ages 13 – 14 and each of them took part in retelling the story of Jesus’s last week on earth.  There was a great peace, reverence and gentle Spirit in that little classroom.  We love serving the youth! When we got home we had a delicious Easter dinner and a family lesson about Jesus’s final days and the role of our living prophets.  I am so grateful that because of my brother Jesus Christ we can be a forever family.



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