2 Tips to Stay Motivated to Exercise

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2 Tips to Stay Motivated to Exercise

Staying fit is lifetime endeavor. Results do not happen overnight and for this reason many people quit. I know staying motivated to exercise is difficult. There are many reasons why exercise adherence can be hard to keep. I often find myself working late, sometimes till 2:00 AM finishing up a blog post, answering a boatload of emails, and skimming through hundreds of photos for work. This is typically done after a long day of mommy and domestic duties. There is no end in sight to the many roles we women have. It is because we are awesome and much is expected out of us.

I love my blog business! However, I literally have to stop myself from working I am work horse and staying balance is healthy! This workaholic mama needs boundaries and if I don’t enforce them I can exhaust myself. I understand that I am in charge of my well-being and this means I have be selfish. I need to take care of me and this is not always easy.

There are days of staying up late from working that test my resolve to exercise. I find myself only catching a few hours of sleep only to wake to get my family ready for school. Give me a shout out if this is your story! I get it….there are days you don’t want to exercise and everyone has their own set of personal reasons or “excuses”. But, I have here to tell you that prioritizing exercise is worth it.

Staying motivated to exercise is not always easy. But, Debbie is sharing her two tips to keep you sticking to your exercise plans with ease. They are as simple as wearing your favorite workout clothes and playing your favorite tunes. Read more here!

I often look lustfully at my bed and want to linger longer. But, I literally have to command my body to get up, get dressed for exercise, and remind myself I must stay focused on my goals of self-care. I know when I take the time to exercise I feel incredible! The natural endorphins from exercising boosts my mood, memory, and attitude. Exercising is my happy pill. I am excited to share my two tips for staying motivated to exercise.

2 Tips to Stay Motivated to Exercise

Tip #1 – Fashion Affects Fitness

Wearing athletic clothes that are comfortable and stylish makes me excited to exercise. It truly makes a difference on how you feel at the gym by what you are wearing. I love having an athletic jacket on hand to keep my body warm and covered during my warm up and leaving the gym. My exercise leggings need to offer the right kind of compression to hold me in places I need extra support. They also need to make me feel comfortable while I am doing cardio and lifting weights. And, my choice of footwear is critical to the quality of my workout.

The exercise leggings I am wearing today are designed by my girlfriend Ruthie Ridley. I absolutely love her BE FREE leggings. These high waisted leggings take you from the gym to running errands in comfort and style. The long mesh panel highlights your legs beautifully and sets it apart from other legging styles out there. They are available for purchase right now at $69 now through April 3. The BE FREE leggings are come in black, olive, and cobalt blue. Use code ‘RUTHIE’ for 10% off at Four Athletics.

Tip #2 – Music is a Must 

Music is a powerful mood enhancer. I have loved music since a little kid. Though, I have no musical bone in me I value how music enhances my emotional and psychological well being. My two girls play the piano and I love hearing the beautiful piano music playing in our home. The right kind of music will drive us to accomplish tasks that are otherwise hard to do. Music can act as our personal coach when exercising.

There has been countless times I have driven home to fetch my headphones for my workout. I seriously can’t exercise without music!  Whether I am listening to my favorite workout tunes, podcast, or audible scriptures at the gym, I must have an excellent pair of headphones! There is no comprising on that. I have used many kinds of headphones and Ghostek Rapture Wireless Headphones with Bluetooth technology is the best. These headphones provide a crisp, powerful sound and helps me power through some amazing workouts! You need one yourself.

My post details: PUMA athletic jacket, Nike women’s tank, New Balance sports bra, c/o Four Athletics leggings, c/o Ghostek headphones, and c/o Amazon Fashion New Balance athletic shoes.

I once heard the saying “your wealth is in your health” and this statement pierced my soul! If I don’t take care of my health and wellness, I am not able to operate at my fullest potential. When I am strong, fit, and agile, my mind and body can do great things! I feel exhilarated from the inside out and I hope my two tips to stay motivated to exercise will inspire you to stay active for life.


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