Yes, you NEED these ceramic essential oil diffusers in your space!

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Ajna Ceramic Diffusers for Essential Oils
Each diffuser comes packaged beautifully for easy gift giving.

Diffusing oils is a simple way to improve your health and wellness. An easy way to use aromatherapy at home is by using an essential oil diffuser and my favorite one is from AJNA Wellbeing. You know that I am a total fan of their compact ultrasonic ceramic essential oil diffuser. In fact, I have one in every room in my home. The benefits of using an essential oil diffuser are endless and I rave about this practice to everyone I know. I also give them as gifts because I love them so much and understand how they can enhance your life and living space. Recently, AJNA Wellbeing launched a new collection of their popular compact essential oil diffuser in a larger size and in different shapes — I absolutely love them.

Ajna Ceramic Diffusers for Essential Oils
Now available in a larger size and elegant round shape.

Their diffusers are an uncomplicated way to enhance your surroundings and add first-rate aesthetic to your space! It really doesn’t matter the style or design of your home or office. Their diffusers are sleek and the ceramic design is simple and minimalisticwhich translates well to any decor! It is true that your environment affects your mood and energy so it is important to pay attention to your surroundings. Adding a ceramic essential oil diffuser into your space can powerfully impact your mood and emotions. Not to mention the health and wellness benefits of feeling peacecalminvigorated or alert depending on the type of essential oil in your diffuser. I love using lavender essential oil when I am seeking tranquility and peppermint essential oil when I need to focus on a project and stay alert.

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Try these different essential oil blends or what AJNA likes to call “Potions” to optimize your surroundings. Restful Sleep Potion: 3 drops of lavender, 3 drops of wild orange and 3 drops of Roman chamomile. Immunity Potion: 3 drops of peppermint, 3 drops of lavender and 3 drops of lemon. Headache Cure Potion: 1 – 2 drops each of Marjoram, thyme, rosemary, peppermint and lavender.

 Ajna Ceramic Diffusers for Essential Oils
The fine mist generated from the diffusers contains health giving negative ions.
Ajna Ceramic Diffusers for Essential Oils 1
Transform any room into a haven of wellbeing.

Here are the amazing features of AJNA Wellbeing Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser:

The simple design blends seamlessly into all living spaces and is perfect to use in living rooms, bathrooms, offices, and bedside tables.

It is energy efficient and whisper quiet. There is also an auto shut-off feature that is very useful.

Each ceramic cover is ethically handmade and handpainted, resulting in a diffuser that is wellmade and durable.

The heatfree, cool mist technology safely and efficiently uses the essential oil fully and adds it to the air so you can fully maximize the benefits of the oil through inhalation.

Not only does the diffuser diffuse essential oils, it also humidifies the air and delivers moisture to your skin, lips and sinuses.

Dust particles are removed and the air is freshened because the diffuser creates negative ions.

Ajna Ceramic Diffusers for Essential Oils
This diffuser disperses essential oils into your surroundings perfectly.
Ajna Ceramic Diffusers for Essential Oils
The texture feels so soft to the touch.

I love that AJNA Wellbeing makes it so easy to take care of our health and wellness with their yoga, mediative and natural healing products such as their ceramic essential oil diffuser. We all know how important self care is and using an ultrasonic diffuser (which also acts as a cool air humidifier) enhances both your physical and emotional state. For those seeking a more sustainable living and natural healing remedies, AJNA Wellbeing’s ceramic essential oil diffuser is the perfect solution and the reason you need these ceramic essential oil diffusers in your space!

Ajna Ceramic Diffusers for Essential Oils
You need one in every room of your home or office.
Ajna Ceramic Diffusers for Essential Oils 1
Enhance your space with sophistication, harmony and balance.

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