Why Is A Yoga Mat Necessary?

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AJNA Wellbeing Eco Organic Yoga Mat

Yoga is a popular exercise among many people around the world for so many reasons. It is a simple and yet effective fitness practice that allows you to naturally go into a pose at your comfort level and you can stretch into the movement as far as you would like to without any pain. Regular practice enhances your quality of life and improves your wellbeing. There is little equipment involved and in fact, one may say that all you need is a yoga mat. But why is it necessary?

AJNA Wellbeing Organic Yoga Mat

AJNA Wellbeing Eco Organic Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are pretty important and here is why:

  1. Safety
  2. Comfort 
  3. Defines Your Space 
  4. Finding the Right One

AJNA Wellbeing Eco Organic Yoga Mat


Though yoga is a relatively simple exercise, it can also hurt if you are not careful. There are advanced poses in yoga that require stability, strength and balance. Having a yoga mat allows your feet to grip the mat and maximize your pose to promote steadiness and balance. In hot yoga, you will perspire due to the higher temperatures of 92105 degrees Fahrenheit. Without a yoga mat, you could slip and we don’t want that. Whether you are just starting out or advanced in yoga, using a yoga mat will help you practice yoga safely.

AJNA Wellbeing Eco Organic Yoga Mat


Yoga is all about immersing yourself in the experience. There is a lot to concentrate on while doing yoga such as breathing, form, stretching, and keeping your thoughts mindful. Only when you are more comfortable are you able to focus on your yoga. The mat provides a soft surface to cradle your body in the variety of poses. It is exactly the kind of support you need to perfect and enjoy your yoga practice.

AJNA Wellbeing Eco Organic Yoga Mat

Defines Your Space

When I enter my yoga studio and look at the vast space, I can’t help but feel a little anxious. However, once I find my spot and place my yoga mat down, it’s as if I have claimed my “territory” and this space to me is quite sacred. The bare floor is a public space but my space on my yoga mat is my private space. It allows me to expand myself and my expression while staying confined to my private rectangular space. It is a bit ironic but somehow it all makes sense!

AJNA Wellbeing Eco Organic Yoga Mat

Finding the Right One

I hope by now you will understand that in order to have a successful, enjoyable and safe yoga session, having a yoga mat is necessary. However, any old yoga mat won’t do! You must find one that is made from quality materials and natural ingredients, easy to clean, and slip-resistant. Yoga mats are a dime a dozen and I have tried my fair share. There is one that stands out in my mind as the crème de la crème of all yoga mats and I am excited to tell you about it.

AJNA Wellbeing Eco Organic Yoga Mat

Meet AJNA Wellbeing Eco Jute Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is beautiful! I know that might sound trite, but for me an item that is important to me must also be aesthetically pleasing. AJNA Wellbeing Eco Jute Yoga Mat comes in a variety of lovely earth-toned colors that will suit every individual. The texture of this mat is nothing like I have ever experienced in another. Its brilliant design allows you to ease into your yoga practice safely and comfortably. One side is made from jute and PER to allow for gripoptimized surfaces and the other side is textured cushioned surface to absorb movement and impact.

AJNA Wellbeing Organic Yoga Mat

AJNA Wellbeing Eco Organic Yoga Mat

Additional Benefits and Features of the AJNA Wellbeing Yoga Mat:

  • Toxin and ChemicalFree
  • Lightweight Design
  • Easy to Roll and Carry
  • Comes with a Carrying Strap (I also like to use it to help me stretch)
  • Beautiful Natural Jute Feel
  • 5mm Cushion for Comfort and Stability
  • Recyclable and Biodegradable in Landfills
  • No Bad Smells
  • Anti-Slip Backing
  • Lovingly Made in Australia

AJNA Wellbeing Eco Organic Yoga Mat

The benefits of yoga are limitless. I know that since incorporating yoga into my lifestyle, it has helped me with my stress management, flexibility and wellbeing. It is important to me to share with you information on how you can improve your health and wellness and I hope that you found this blog post valuable. So go out there and enjoy your yoga practice and make sure you take along a yoga mat that will serve you. I love AJNA Wellbeing Eco Jute Yoga Mat and will definitely recommend it to you.

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