What is Your Spirit Animal?


My step dad came into my life in my early twenties and easily became my real father.  He is an amazing man who has taught me so much about life, family, mother earth and the Native American culture.  As a medicine man from the Arapaho tribe he has healed many, received intuitive guidance to bless others, and given himself to hours of selfless service.  He has taught me how to be a great mother to my children.

So, when I saw this shirt from ThinkElite1 I knew it was meant for me as it embraces Mama Bear spirit!  The bear totem carries many profound messages that can give you purpose and insight throughout your life.  Here are a few symbolic attributes of the bear that illuminate my role as a mother.

Attributes of Bear Animal Spirit – Let it Guide You:

  • Nurturing and Protective | Bears have a strong sense of commitment to safeguard and teach her cubs how to navigate life. This nurturing and protective power allows bears to protect their young in variable settings.
  • Connection and Patience | A bear has an intuitive sense of when to present ideas and projects by keeping things in hibernation until the perfect times presents itself.  A bear gives oneself peacefully to the ebb and flow of life.
  • Authority and Confidence | From its physical appearance the bear can teach us that if we rise to our intrinsic potential we can be larger than life. This is a power that can be used to be a great leader and for good.

I hope you enjoy this unique and quite personal post.

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