Try Vibe O Clock: Appetizer Boards Delivered To Your Door!

Try Vibe O Clock: Appetizer Boards Delivered To Your Door!

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During a work event I attended over 14 years ago, a woman brought in a large plank of wood with a variety of food. That simple moment has been seared into my memory for many reasons. Little did I know, that beautiful display of finger food was called a charcuterie board. It was the most bizarre thing for me to witness, as I would never have considered using wood as a serving platter, and I wondered how I would attempt to eat it, as it looked like a food free-for-all. I decided to inspect it closely. I noticed that it was a work of art, as a variety of fruits, exotic cheeses, nuts, vegetables, spreads, crackers and breads were displayed in a thoughtful and artistic manner! I decided to sample a bit, though I was hesitant as this appetizer was completely new to me. I thought the safest bet was to choose a fruit spread. I chose what I now know was fresh fig fruit spread, brie cheese, and a simple table water cracker.

Try Vibe O Clock: Appetizer Boards Delivered To Your Door!
Introducing Vibe O Clock’s Newest VIBE Board: Burrata Vibe! xoxo

Wood Serving Board

Stone Serving Trays

Try Vibe O Clock: Appetizer Boards Delivered To Your Door!

Let me tell you, that tasting experience changed my life, and I have never forgotten it. It took 6 years until I realized that gorgeous party tray was called a charcuterie board, and it wasn’t until this last Christmas, as we had family over for the holidays, that I decided to give it a try myself. I took out my two elevated wood serving boards that I had ordered from Z-Gallerie years back, and I began dressing it up. I was surprised by how much time it took to plan it out before the day of the party. It was important that I had all of the important aspects of a delicious charcuterie board covered. I purchased a few delectable cheeses like brie, champagne soft cheddar, and balsamic cheddar-parmesan, and I used a raspberry fruit spread we had at home. Strawberries, blueberries, grapes, mini pickles, as well as some of my favorite nuts and water crackers were also on display. I took the time to skillfully place each piece and then stepped back to assess the presentation.

Try Vibe O Clock: Appetizer Boards Delivered To Your Door!

Fruit Spreads

Try Vibe O Clock: Appetizer Boards Delivered To Your Door!

Table Crackers

Was it worth my effort? Yes, my family still talks about it. Have we done it again? No, because of the time involved in gathering all of the food (maintaining social distancing and minimizing grocery store visits), and it isn’t surprising that all of these curated food items: exoctic cheeses, delicious berry spreads, variety of nuts, fruits, and veggies, and we can’t forget the baguette and crackers — adds up! It adds up to a lot, especially if this is something you don’t do on the regular. However, I do feel that charcuterie boards are important for those special moments with family and friends. When I have a craving for a soul-satisfying charcuterie board, what is a girl to do? During quarantine, I am always looking for life hacks to make my life more enjoyable because life is too short to be unhappy.

Try Vibe O Clock: Appetizer Boards Delivered To Your Door!

This is where Vibe OClock comes in! This local company based in Orange County, CA messaged me on Instagram and told me they wanted to swing by to bring me one of their new VIBE Boards. How did I respond? I typed YES! Vibe O Clock offers craft beverages and appetizer boards delivered straight to your home. Their charcuterie boards, which are called VIBE Boards, are everything great charcuterie boards are made of. Owners Courtney and Miki create the most gorgeous and absolutely delectable appetizer boards I have ever seen! They have 9 charcuterie boards to choose from. The appetizer boards can serve two persons, a family, a group, or an entire party. They also have a Craft Liberations menu of fresh and delicious teas and tonics to mix at home. What more could you ask for?

Try Vibe O Clock: Appetizer Boards Delivered To Your Door!

So, whether you‘re planning a long weekend with a fresco backyard, get together with your loved ones, or just want to treat yourself to your very own charcuterie board while you are having a Netflix marathon, Vibe OClock is there for you! It is food heaven delivered straight to your door! Check out their menu and make sure to follow them on Instagram. Thank you Vibe O Clock for my delicious VIBE Board. My whole entire family loved every morsel!

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      I am so glad I wasn’t the only one! They are so good and I love finger foods. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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