Trendy, Affordable Jewelry to Buy Online

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Trendy, Affordable Jewelry to Buy Online - The Songbird Collection

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. There is no doubt about that! I love jewelry. However, sticking to your budget when it comes to buying jewelry isn’t a bad idea. In fact, you are telling your money who is in charge. Looking for budget-friendly jewelry pieces doesn’t mean you need to compromise your style. Affordable jewelry can also boost your outfit look in the same way expensive fine jewelry can. Looking luxe on a budget can be deceptively fun!

Trendy, Affordable Jewelry to Buy Online - The Songbird Collection
Letizia Layered Chain Necklace + Heavenly Celestial Earrings

The Songbird Collection is a plethora of hand-picked jewelry pieces that will sing in harmony when styled together. Each curated jewelry piece has been carefully selected by a team of beauty and fashion bloggers who know their stuff! Their on-trend pieces satisfy all the requirements for jewelry aficionados without the compromise of quality.

Trendy, Affordable Jewelry to Buy Online - The Songbird Collection
Letizia Layered Chain Necklace + Heavenly Celestial Earrings

Many of these pieces are perfect for everyday wear, and you will not want to take them off! The gorgeous baubles will not break the bank. Are you ready to learn more about The Songbird Collection? Read on to shop trendy, affordable jewelry online.

Trendy, Affordable Jewelry to Buy Online - The Songbird Collection
Letizia Layered Chain Necklace + Heavenly Celestial Earrings

Letizia Layered Chain Necklace | Chunky Punk Biker Chick | The Songbird Collection

#1 Letizia Layered Chain Necklace is an edgy, cool necklace that features big, chunky chains. Classy chic meets punk/ biker chick in this necklace. Perfect for dressing up your shirts and sweaters, this necklace will pack a heavy punch in style! It looks like heavy metal, but it is really hollow alloy! Comfortable to wear, It won’t drag you down with weight. Gold or silver, $21.95

Perla Modern Necklace | Open Choker Torque Style | The Songbird Collection

#2 Perla Modern Necklace is a torque-style, open choker necklace that features a dangling pearl pendant. This necklace combines a unique, fashion-forward, and trendsetting design with forever classic pearls by balancing asymmetry. This is a necklace that will surely catch attention! $18.95

Bellissima Pendant Necklace | Three Layer European Coin Charms | The Songbird Collection

#3 Bellissima Pendant Necklace Classy, elegant, yet also modern and edgy, our Bellissima Pendant Necklace is a three-layer necklace with vintage-looking European coin charms. The first layer will fit like a choker. Gold or Silver tone, $16.95

Bella Rose Layered Necklace | Cascading Chains with Rose Pendant | The Songbird Collection

#4 Bella Rose Layered Necklace, Bella Rosa (“beautiful rose“ in Italian) Necklace features 4 layers of cascading chains with a rose pendant. This necklace is so simple in its design, but it adds such glamour when it is worn.  The length of each layered chain is done so perfectly that it brings out feminine beauty and charm. $16.95 gold and silver 

Bel Viso Layered Necklace | Layered Necklace with Round Pendants | The Songbird Collection

#5 Bel Viso Layered Necklace is a two-layer necklace that features two unique, round pendants. Gold or silver tone. $12.99

Sunburst Statement Earrings | Boho Celestial Sun Jewelry | The Songbird Collection

#6 Sunburst Statement Earrings bring the golden rays of the sun to your outfit. A bit bohemian with a celestial flair, these earrings will get you noticed! About 3 inches. $14.95. Silver is only available.

Rue Flower Clip-On Earrings | The Songbird Collection

#7 Rue Flower Clip-On Earrings are statement-making floral earrings. The original three colors (white, aqua, and black) were clip-on style, with no piercing needed! But of course, you can clip these earrings on over your pierced hole as well. These earrings feature smooth, pearlescent petals with tiny rhinestones studded in the middle.  Now $14.99 Was $18.95

Sun Star and Moon Earrings | Sparkling Stellar Twinkle | The Songbird Collection

#8 Sun, Star & Moon Earrings: Our Sun, Star & Moon Earrings are sparkling, statement-making earrings. Perfect for dressing up, these earrings will add a stellar twinkle to your outfit! Length about 4 inches. Gold, vintage bronze, or silver. $16.95 

Playa Rica Wooden Statement Earrings | Environmentally Friendly Bamboo | The Songbird Collection

#9 Playa Rica Wooden Statement Earrings $18.99 $24.95 Bring runway to your outfit! Fashion-forward trendsetters everywhere are making their vacay statement with these wooden earrings made from natural materials. Modern, a bit avant-garde and artistic. Super light! Won’t drag your ears down. Made from environmentally friendly bamboo. 4 inches, long, 2.5 inches diameter 

Heavenly Celestial Earrings | Rhinestone Accents | The Songbird Collection

#10 Heavenly Celestial Earrings, Silver Our Heavenly Celestial Earrings bring the sun, the moon, and the stars to you with sparkly rhinestone accents and shiny, textured metal. The exquisite craftsmanship of these earrings will be evident when you see them with your own eyes. The attention to the tiniest detail, like the placement of the smallest crystal, makes these earrings one of our favorites. Pictures can not grasp the full beauty of the artistic workmanship. See for yourself! Around 3 inches long Available in gold or silver

Trendy and Affordable Jewelry | Budget Friendly Jewelry to Buy Online

From dainty, everyday jewelry pieces to the most glamorous statement-making baubles, The Songbird Collection will make every head turn by elevating your look without the added expense.

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