Three Styling Tips for a Bohemian Vibe!

Photography by Bleudogfotography.

If you could take a peek into my closet you will find many items that are either floral, paisley, tie-dye or suzani (tribal) print. You will also find layers of floppy hats, fringe cross-body bags, and every style of boot available to mankind.  I also love wearing free flowy dresses such as maxi dresses and tops!  And my jewelry boxes, trays and necklace holders are heavy with beaded, sequined and earthy jewelry.  Yes, you got it!  I connect with the bohemian vibe!  Do you?



The idea of  natural looking hair and makeup for boho inspired looks gets my approval!  And, anything vintage and ethnic inspired gets me excited because these looks are timeless and trendy!  Bohemian chic is here to stay.

Let me help you bring out your inner gypsy with these three styling tips!

Bohemian Style Tip #1: Wear Printed Pants

Select printed pants with a tribal, pom-pom detailed, floral, paisley, or suzani print.  They stand out against a neutral top and give you that instant boho flair.  The printed pants I am wearing I purchased at my local Nordstrom Rack. They were a bit long for me so it needed hemming from my tailor.  Other than that they were a must have for boho chic greatness!  These pants are perfect because they are comfortable, flowy and the paisley is on point!


Here are my three selections for boho chic pants: here, here, and here. I chose these block heel sandals because of its earth tone and the extra height was needed to elongate my look.  Check out my three favorite picks for block heel sandals to pair with long boho inspired pants: here, here, and here.


Bohemian Style Tip #2: The Versatile Vest

I absolutely love denim!  And this denim vest from Jessica Simpson is one of my favorites because you can wear it with a skirt, jeans and boho pants! Make sure to pick up either a denim, fringe, faux fur, or lace vest and incorporate it into your wardrobe.  You will find more than one way to wear it and it will add interest to your looks! Check out my three favorite boho chic vests you will sure love: vest 1, vest 2, and vest 3!


Bohemian Style Tip #3: Head-wraps and Headbands 

Hippie head-wraps and headbands come in all sorts of styles and shapes!  You can choose from flower, jeweled, leafstonefeather, beaded, and faux leather headbands to compliment your bohemian look!  Headbands can be worn around your forehead like I did or an inch or two past your hairline like a halo.

For the more bold bohemian try a cloth head-wrap or turban headband!  I bought a fabric turban from ASOS recently and can’t wait to show you!  Here are a few turbans I love that will bring your inner gypsy out to play: here, here, and  here!


BONUS: Another Styling Tip for YOU! 

Wear stone and beaded jewelry to accent your bohemian vibe (and lots of it)!  

You have probably seen the stacks of beaded bracelets that I am wearing and wondering where do I get a few for myself?  They are called LavHa bracelets and not only are they beautiful but also provide health and wellness to the wearer.  Each LavHa bracelet is handcrafted and strategically placed lava beads serve as a carrier for your essential oil(s). You place a drop or two of any essentials oil of your choice on the lava beads and your body temperature will warm the bead which will emit the soothing and healing scents!

Tell me about your inner boho child and which tip you will find easy to incorporate into your look?



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