The Undiscovered Box from NOVICA: Join the Movement to Support the World’s Most Talented Artisans

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Join the Movement to Support the World’s Most Talented Artisans

The Undiscovered Box from NOVICA is a quarterly subscription box with a curated selection of authentic artisan treasures from around the world. NOVICA is the world’s largest online fair trade impact marketplace for artists and artisans around the globe. Their brilliant idea to cut out the middleman and bring artisans and customers together creates a beautiful relationship of empowerment between both parties. NOVICA has searched worldwide for the most talented artisans and their incredible handiwork is showcased in the Undiscovered Box. Undiscovered Box recipients will be filled with a sense of awe and discovery when unboxing each quarterly box delivery!

What’s Inside

Each box is valued at more than $200 and includes five NOVICA handmade creations. You can personally customize every product in the box from a selection of handmade treasures, or let NOVICA surprise you. You will be amazed at the one-of-a-kind handicrafts and included are insider tips as you explore a new region with each box led by the local Artisan Guide. Each quarterly box ($59.99 per quarter) is filled with beautiful jewelry to clothing and accessories, from cultural treasures to home decor pieces. The choice is all yours. Each piece is handmade and NOVICA Certified: Fair Trade, qualitytested, and verified by our NOVICA Region teams. I love that NOVICA rejects mega factories producing cookiecutter products and supports artisans who make unique products by hand that represent their nation.

Extra Extra

Undiscovered Box subscribers will get special access to an exclusive members-only Add-On Market, each quarter. This marketplace is optional and features a curated selection of more than 100 favorite treasures, offered to our Undiscovered subscribers at members-only prices that are up to 50% off NOVICA’s retail prices. Your purchase helps these talented global artisans. Your support assists their families, uplifts communities and helps them overcome adversity. Your support is powerful. You will help provide education, health care, fund basic needs, support children, preserve disappearing arts, and of course, spread happiness around the world. It is a win-win!

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Discover the UNDISCOVERED!

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Let’s Represent

Talented artisans from Asia, Africa and Latin America are showcased in the Undiscovered Box. I received their Winter Artisan Box, which delivers artisan treasures from Peru the Land of the Incas — with the help of a local curator and artisan guide named Nilda Callanaupa, who is an internally acclaimed weaver.

Treasure Trove

The “Undiscovered” Peru Box features over (20) local artisan options for your home, closet, and jewelry box. Each box also includes fascinating behind-the-scenes stories, intriguing insider facts, and always a special gift from your artisan guide. These are the five items I received:

  • Soft Teal 100% Baby Alpaca Shawl for her or him This luxuriously soft, deep teal shawl is knit from a baby alpaca wool blend by Peruvian artisans Raquel and Gregor. Once reserved for Inca royalty, baby alpaca ranks with cashmere as one of the world’s most coveted fibers for distinctive knitwear. Warm yet lightweight, baby alpaca refers to the finest fleece obtained from the season’s first shearing.

  • Andean Floral Hand Tooled Leather Catchall Peruvian craftsman Johnny Jimenez hand tools the floral star blossoms motif on leather, which he transforms into a catchall by tying the straps on the corners and finishing the centerpiece with walnut stain and matte finish lacquer.

  • Calming Ovus by Cesar Gonzales Displayed atop a base of white onyx, this calming oval figurine is hand-carved from natural chrysocolla with its rich-blue green colors. This petite yet lovely oval figurine is a perfect addition to your home decor.

  • Hand-Woven Decorative Basket by Hope of the Forest “Many of the women of the Rio Tahuano basin knew how to weave baskets, bags, hammocks, fans, and more. They realized that the baskets could be sold to help improve their quality of life.” Iquitos Jungle. Natural fibers from the chambira tree are used to make this decorative basket from Peru.

  • Hand-Woven Bag with Shoulder Strap Cusco Glyphs. Made entirely by hand, this beautiful contemporary bag showcases the ancestral weaving traditions preserved by the women artisans of the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco.

Empower – Connect – Impact

The Undiscovered Box lets you travel to a new nation by experiencing its hidden gems and preserves disappearing arts in nations around the world by showcasing hidden craftsmanship passed down through generations. By purchasing the Undiscovered Box, you are joining a movement to support the world’s most talented artisans, helping to empower them by connecting with their unique and beautiful treasures, and making a global impact for good. Use code Debbie15 for $15 off your first subscription box, expires 5/31.


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