The Ins and Outs of a Dermaroller for Microneedling Skin at Home

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The rising numbers from the pandemic are causing stress for all of us. For those who are parents, there is an added concern as summer time is over its end and it is back to school time. We have all of our three kids home learning remotely and while I love them home, it is still stressful.  There are so many unknowns in life right now. In times of crisis, many people neglect self-care. But I am here to tell you that this is not a thing in your life that is negotiable. Your health and wellbeing is something you can control and should prioritize in your life. Let’s talk about skin care. The health of your skin is important. And with social distancing measures in place, learning how to effectively care for your skin is all in your hands. Self-care is the best way to nurture yourself. Today I will teach you how to use a dermaroller at home because it is an effective way to get glowing skin and improve your appearance quite easily if you have the know-how.

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A dermaroller is a skin care tool used to renew your skin, treat acne scars, reduce the signs of aging, and enhance product penetration. As a mother of three, who also works from home and is in her 40s, I am a busy, busy woman. However, proper skin care is at the top of my mind. Any steps I can take to improve the health and look of my skin is important to me. I have been using a dermaroller for the last six months and stopped recently because my old Sdara Dermaroller was old, and I was too busy to order a replacement head. Thank goodness, I got my hands on a new one, and this affords me an opportunity for a new start with my dermaroller — including easing back into my nightly skin care regimen because the texture and appearance of my skin have been “meh” lately. Also, the size of my large pores was beginning to cause worry for me.

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So for those of you who are new to dermarolling or need a refresh in learning about Sdara Dermaroller 2.0., this blog post is for you. I will cover important facts about derma rolling so that you can properly use one yourself and get results that are effective with the least amount of trouble and time.

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Things to Remember

Keep it clean: Sterilize the microneedle roller in alcohol before and after each use for 30 to 60 seconds. Any beauty products that will touch your hands and face should be disinfected regularly.

Prep your face: Make sure your skin is free from makeup and moisturizers. Wash your skin and pat it dry before starting. Ensuring that your face is free from makeup, oils, and germs will reduce the chances of breakouts or infections.

Roll with it: Roll back and forth over the skin four to five times. Carefully apply moderate pressure without puncturing the skin. Use the dermaroller under the eye with caution. Switch direction and roll back and forth another four to five times.

Hydration time: When finished, apply a hydrating serum. I love using Sdara’s Vitamin C Serum. Vitamin C is known for its proven antioxidative ability to defend from free radicals caused by pollution and harmful UV rays.

Use me: Use the dermaroller two to three times per week max. I like to use it once or twice a week to allow my skin to heal before the next treatment. Use it as many times as you need a week, keeping an eye on how your skin reacts. But remember, no more than three times a week!

Dermarolling treats many skin conditions, such as acne scars and hyperpigmentation. It also diminishes signs of fine lines and wrinkles. This handy tool also improves uneven skin tone and texture. The Sdara Microneedle Skin Roller 2.0 will rejuvenate your skin and boost product effectiveness.

About Sdara Dermaroller 2.0 

If you are new to dermarolling, it is advised to start with the 540 Titanium Micro-needle Roller .25mm. This needle length is recommended by estheticians for newbies. It provides a firm yet gentle pressure to maximize usage and minimize discomfort. If you are an experienced user, then the Sdara Dermaroller 2.0 is the one for you. This is the one I use, and I am excited to tell you more about it.

  • 192 real stainless steel needles: This nifty tool is created with 192 sharper and more advanced needles. It is not disguised with titanium disks posing as steel needles. This will give you healthy and vibrant skin.
  • Eco-friendly and affordable: You can achieve glowing skin without paying for professional microneedling treatments. Replacement heads are available, so you don’t need to throw away the entire roller, saving you money.
  • Ergonomic design: The roller is unique and patent-pending. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use. It also contains 83% less plastic.
  • Skin care companion: This affordable mid-tier tool is priced well, so it can easily become a regular part of your skin care regimen.

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It’s important to not skimp on your dermaroller tool. There may be cheaper options available, but don’t go down that route. Everyone loves Sdhara Original Dermaroller! The proof is on the glowing faces of over 300,000 happy customers. You can see the reviews yourself.

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About Sdara Vitamin C 

Once you have used the dermaroller properly, your skin is prepped for skin care. The great thing about this is that now you have tiny punctures that allow your skin care products to penetrate. This way, you are not wasting your favorite skin care products, maximizing your dollar. Your circulation is also maximized from microneedling, better facilitating the absorption of your skin care products. Now that you completed the microneedling process, it is time to talk about effective skin care products. I love using vitamin C serums for the antioxidant benefits, and Sdara Vitamin C Serum is the best! With it, you are just one step away from getting radiant, healthy skin.

  • Smooth and bright: This serum is specially formulated to visibly improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation.
  • Dermatologist’s must-have: Treat premature aging with Sdara Vitamin C Serum. It contains clinical strength ingredients for the best antioxidant benefits. The harmful effects caused by pollution and harmful UV rays are minimized by vitamin C.
  • All-natural: Features high concentrations of nature’s most powerful botanicals, such as skin-plumping hyaluronic acid and soothing gotu kola.
  • Silky-soft texture: It glides on luxuriously without leaving a greasy or sticky film. You can also use this under makeup.

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Dermatologist-Loved Ingredients

Just like it is important to have the right ingredients for the perfect chocolate cake, this rule also applies to the perfect vitamin C face serum. Sdara Vitamin C Serum contains carefully selected dermatologist-approved ingredients that work in harmony with the skin for your skin. This serum contains all-natural, organic, and plant-based ingredients. It has been recommended by dermatologists and was developed in Sdara’s state-of-the-art labs in the USA under strict FDA-approved safety and hygiene guidelines.

Vitamin C: Sdara uses a gentle version of vitamin C to help lighten the appearance of dark spots and visibly improve fine lines and wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid: Instantly smooths and plumps up the appearance of skin while delivering concentrated hydration.

MSM: Naturally found in amino acids in our body. MSM is best known for promoting collagen production.

Jojoba oil: This special oil helps to enhance balanced moisture in your skin because its texture is similar to the skin’s natural oils.

Gotu kola extract: Restores and strengthens skin to help it become more resilient against environmental stressors, such as the sun’s UV rays, wind, and pollution.

I hope you feel confident now about using a dermaroller to microneedle your skin. My choice for the best microneedling tool is Sdara Microneedle Skin Roller 2.0. Say goodbye to fine lines, acne scars, and large pores. This is the perfect skin care tool to help you age gracefully. Let’s focus on prevention and aging beautifully. Now, by knowing the ins and outs of a dermaroller for microneedling skin at home, using Sdara’s amazing dermaroller and effective serums is easy. Not only that, but your skin will also look radiant, and you will get results people will definitely notice.

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