Stripe-Centric Style









Photography by Melissa Thomson.

Classic, easy, and ever-present the stripes trend is one of my favorite!  You can find stripes in all sizes — thin and narrow to wide and bold; stripes can also be nautical or French (Breton stripes) themed.  There are so many variations and this trend is easy to style.  This is probably why I own a variety of different striped t-shirts, sweaters, scarves and dresses.  You can never have too many — just like owning a variety of denim jeans!

Most would agree that nautical stripes of navy and white colors are reminiscent of summer days.  But, don’t reserve stripe wearing to only warm weathered months! Wearing stripes in the colder season is quite easy. Focus on darker colors like black and white.

Check out the beautiful striped maxi dress that I am wearing (Amazon) and pair it with a dark fall color like my burgundy or wine colored jacket for an on-trend seasonal look (Nordstrom Rack)! My chic black clutch purse (White House Black Market) I found at a vintage shop in Laguna Niguel called Collective Habit.

Don’t shy away from wearing stripes!  Is it one of the easiest and funniest ways to create a fashionable look because you can pair stripes with just about anything.  Just remember, incorporate another contrasting solid color to offset the bold pattern.  Also, add that same contrasting color to another element of your outfit ensemble, like the pop of burgundy in my suede heels from Marc Fisher (Ross Stores – great find!).

Say, yes to stripe-centric fashion!


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