Organipup: Fresh, Organic, Human-Grade Dog Food

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Organipup: Fresh, Organic, Human-Grade Dog Food
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Organipup: Fresh, Organic, Human-Grade Dog Food

I love being a fur mama!

One of my favorite things to do with Reece (besides cuddling) is feeding her. Reece is an adorable happy rescue dog. We adopted her four years ago.

Mealtimes are important for our family. I believe mealtime is a perfect time to connect, and this moment holds true with my pet, too. All these seemingly insignificant moments are actually vital touchpoints in life that create a bond.

It‘s important to me to explore all the available dog food options and find what works best for Reece. I want a dog food that will help her feel great and give her the daily energy and nourishment she needs. There are a lot of varieties of dog food out there, and that can get overwhelming. 

Organipup: Fresh, Organic, Human-Grade Dog Food

Word of mouth is everything

When my photographer mentioned that after swapping out regular kibble to handmade fresh organic food how much her dogs enjoy mealtime now and how their energy improved, my interest was piqued. I was curious to know if that change would benefit Reece, too.

Organipup: Fresh, Organic, Human-Grade Dog Food

Organipup: Fresh, Organic, Human-Grade Dog Food

Organipup: Fresh, Organic, Human-Grade Dog Food

A timely surprise

I decided to make a switch and try out dog food made by a local company. I was quite surprised! My pup Reece loves it! Though Reece loves to eat, recently she‘d seemed disinterested in her dog food. So, remembering what my photographer said about Organipup dog food, I thought it was the right time to give it a try.

Organipup is a dog food company that takes pride in providing fresh, organic, human-grade dog food. I met Organipup Founder Savannah Corrales and got to know her touching story. She started Organipup when her golden retriever Katie suddenly passed away from cancer. She started looking into what she could have done to boost Katie’s health and give her a better chance of fighting cancer. 

Organipup: Fresh, Organic, Human-Grade Dog Food

Organipup: Fresh, Organic, Human-Grade Dog Food

Unquestionably good dog food

At the time, Savannah said she was very uneducated about the dog food industry and was feeding Katie extremely processed kibble, which was doing nothing for her dog’s health. She now knows that a dog’s diet is so important! Her mission is to make organic, fresh, and local dog food for which no one has to wonder “Is this good for my dog?” Also, she wants to give dogs all over the world a healthier life in memory of Katie.

When we got our first order of Organipup dog food, I was pleasantly surprised by how much my pup Reece loved it. She went nuts! I also really like that each batch is customized to meet the needs of your pup. Reece’s batch of food was delivered right to my door. It is portioned out in cute packages. So you don’t even have to think about how much food your dog needs. 

Organipup: Fresh, Organic, Human-Grade Dog Food

Some dog food isn’t healthy

Did you know that some of the dry dog food available can be made with diseased chicken parts or unknown animal meat, mixed with starchy fillers, and processed at temperatures known to produce carcinogens? 

Let’s also look at some statistics: *More than 80% of dogs will get some form of dental disease in their lifetime, roughly the same percentage who eat dry food. **Nearly 60% are overweight or obese. Half over the age of 10 will develop cancer although most won’t make it past that age to begin with. After reading those stats from, Im sure we all can agree that things need to change in order for our dogs to live healthy and happy lives. 

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Organipup: Fresh, Organic, Human-Grade Dog Food

Organipup: Fresh, Organic, Human-Grade Dog Food
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Better health, right away

I cant wait to see all the benefits Reese will get with Organipup food, such as a softer and shinier coat from the omega fish oil and better joint health from the turmeric and added vitamins. I have already noticed that her energy level is so high. Her cute tail is wagging all the time. And, her breath smells normal and not stinky! She‘s been on Organipup food for only two weeks!

Take an assessment of your current pet’s dog food and I invite you to try Organipup. Your dog will thank you for it.

Organipup ships from California to anywhere in the United States.

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