Monochromatic Style in White: 3 Easy Tips to Follow

Monochromatic outfits are a new styling technique for me—even though fashionistas have strutted this look for years. Because of some past comments from my husband and son, I shy away from a single color, head-to-toe look. For example, when I wore an all-red look on my honeymoon trip to Waikiki, my husband sweetly said I looked like a walking tomato. And when I wore my favorite Eileen Fischer gauze dress, my son said I looked like a blueberry. Naturally, my stylish self was offended.

It wasn’t until recently that I braved the monochromatic look with an all-black outfit on Instagram. I got so many compliments on how chic it was. My foray in all-black fueled my confidence to try an all-white look. Honestly, I think I nailed it. Here are three tips to help you get an all-white, monochromatic look that will not make you look icy but tres chic!

Nicolas White Gathered Sheath Dress // Topshop Sheer Long Sleeve Top (similar) // Oscar De La Renta Shell Cluster Earrings // Saint Laurent LouLou Toy Matelasse Calfskin Envelope Crossbody Bag // Jeffery Campbell Acetate Wedge Slides 

Tip 1: Be Brave

I would definitely agree that wearing an all-white look is risky business. It is the perfect canvas for stains. At the same time, white is classic and elegant. When wearing all white, it levels up your style factor with minimal effort. Do something different and try wearing white—you will be surprised with the results. It is important to shake things up once in a while, and this old adage is true with style too.

White Sheath Dress

Saint Laurent LouLou Toy Shoulder Bag

Shell Earrings

Tip 2: Consider Texture

Mixing up texture in a monochromatic outfit is key. Here is how to do it when wearing white: I wore my white, twill sheath dress from Nicolas—it is simply divine. The texture from the sheer panels at the square neckline creates visual interest to the outfit. The layering top that I wore is also sheer and beautifully blends with the white, twill sheath dress. The drop earrings, which also carry the same color scheme, stand alone with the shell texture and adds dimension. Texture will bring your white outfit life.

Layering Tops

Clear Wedge Sandals

Tip 3: Stay Basic

To keep your all-white look elegant, you will want to pair it with accessories that are neutral in color. If you incorporate bold colors, those accessories will grab the attention and distract from your chic, all-white, monochromatic look. Aim for white accessories with your belt or purse. My Saint Laurent Toy LouLou bag is a nude color, which compliments this white look perfectly and keeps it balanced. My Oscar De La Renta Shell Cluster Earrings are of the same pearly white from my twill dress and are a perfect match. Keep your footwear understated by choosing a color that is nude, a similar shade of white in your ensemble, or opt for shoes that have transparent details, like I did with my transparent vinyl and acetate wedges from Jeffery Cambell.

Tortoise Shell Buckle Belt

Remember, monochromatic looks are not boring—and ignore anyone who would compare your look to fruits (LOL)! Wearing a monochromatic, white outfit is ultra chic and sophisticated. Keeping these three tips in mind, you will pull off your all-white look with ease—just like your favorite fashion blogger and style icon.

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