Lake Arrowhead 2.0

Another beautiful stay at Saddleback Inn in Lake Arrowhead, CA. The view from our private porch.

There are moments in life that warrant repeating over and over again.  Taking a quick weekend family vacation to Lake Arrowhead is one of them!  In the spring, we visited Lake Arrowhead for the first time on a couple’s only trip and fell in love with it (see original post here)!  Albert and I wanted the kids and now with our new pet puppy chihuahua Reece’s Pieces to experience this mountainous splendor!  Here’s to family adventures!

A gorgeous canopy of fall beauty awaits you on the trails around Lake Arrowhead.


The reason why I love this mountain town is because it reminds me growing up in Utah and being surrounded by the mountains, crisp air, and beautiful pine trees.  Plus, it is a short drive away from Orange County to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. And, you all can agree with me that shorter car drives with kids and now a pet in tow is something any mother will eagerly embrace with glee!

Lake Arrowhead Village – Shop, Dine, and Explore.


I am a master planner and enjoy having a backup plan for my backup plan!  With this mini vacay I decided to take a different methodology, one where no planning is involved. It is kinda fun to not have anything planned because it forces you to be both spontaneous and creative! So, yes I didn’t have anything planned. What, nothing planned!?! This is so not me.  But, this is the new me (or at least for this occasion) as the former me had each hour accounted for and it wore out my family! LOL!

An adorable Pumpkin Patch at The Lake Arrowhead Village.
The beautiful trail around Lake Arrowhead. The autumn colors just make your heart so happy and want to sing!
Lake Arrowhead HO Model Train Display. Come see a spectacular Model Train whizzing around the tracks.
Raise your hand if you LOVE Choco Tacos!

It was nice to slow our pace and enjoy each moment without a fixed schedule.  My youngest is still 5 and our new puppy is only 2 months old and teenagers/tweens get tired too!  We just played things by ear and leisurely took this needed family time, tenderly and mindfully soaking each experience without any fancy expectations.  Just what the doctor ordered!  For example, the kids wanted a snack so we took a little walk to Stater Bros. and I introduced them to my favorite childhood sweet treat the Choco Taco that I remember eating at Taco Time in Utah as a kid.

Hanging out at the outdoor play area where Lake Arrowhead Village hosts their famous Summer Concert series.
Smile! The Savage Family photo at the majestic Lake Arrowhead (+1 dog named Reece’s Pieces).

I hope you enjoyed viewing our family pics to this awe-inspiring place, Lake Arrowhead.  Thank goodness, there were plenty of super friendly people to ask to take family pictures.  It means so much to capture these moments in time. Our children are growing up so fast and I realize time is all we have.  Awww … not an easy thing to accept as a parent!

It is so beautiful here in Lake Arrowhead and if you get a chance to visit, do it.  Even if it a short day trip!  Some may wonder if short vacations are worth the trouble?  Yes, your heart and soul will thank you! Albert and I reminded ourselves that with this short trip: the endless messes, sibling squabbles, potty training a pup while on vacation, and dealing with embarrassing moments in public with three crazy kiddos makes parenthood all the sweeter, funnier, and more beautifully authentic all at the same time!




  1. JennyWhitesides
    November 5, 2016 / 1:39 pm

    Looks like the best family vacation!

    • November 5, 2016 / 1:58 pm

      Hi Jenny! This vacation was so much fun! Lake Arrowhead is one of our family’s favorite spots! Have you ever been there before?

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