Keeping Your Hair Healthy During These Stressful Times

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The Secret to Healthy Hair

If you’re like me, having your kids and your husband home due to the current coronavirus pandemic is great but is also the source of a lot of stress, as it has completely unsettled our routine and made getting any work done next to impossible. 

Hair Loss and Stress

Stress affects our bodies, including our hair. It can lead to conditions that slow down or prevent new hair growth, cause your immune system to attack your hair follicles leading to hair thinning or bald spots, or even cause you to pull your hair out. There are of course other factors that cause hair loss, such as diet, genetics and hormones, but if you have been seeing more hair swirling down the drain over the past few weeks, stress could well be a factor. 


I take pride in having long and healthy locks and, at times like these, I tend to prioritize things that I can control, such as taking some well-deserved me time to incorporate haircare rituals into my beauty routine. 

My Hair Loss Solution

As you know, I’ve been taking Hush & Hush’s Deeply Rooted for a few months. I’m happy to say that the vitamins, herbs, and botanicals contained in these supplements have helped me greatly in maintaining strong, shiny hair and keeping hair loss at bay. 

Note: Ashwangandha:

My hair feels nourished and bouncy, even if I have been feeling more stressed than usual lately. DeeplyRooted contains natural ingredients such as Ashwagandha root extract, a powerful adaptogen which has been used for years in the Indian Ayurvedic medical system and is said to enhance one’s body resilience and response to stress.


My Anti-Stress Rituals 

There is overwhelming evidence demonstrating that stress is an environmental factor that can lead to hair loss, thus the importance of managing it by implementing simple habits that work with your lifestyle. Living in California, one of my favorite things to do when I’m feeling stressed is to go for a beach walk where I can be alone with my thoughts. Of course, while maintaining appropriate social distancing. This, along with the knowledge that I’m doing everything in my power to keep my hair healthy by taking clinically proven supplements, brings me peace in this time of chaos.

I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy. Take care and let me know if you decide to try DeeplyRooted. It has changed the health of my hair for the better and I think you will love it!

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