It is Time to Stop Caring About What Others Think of You + $1000 GUCCI Giveaway!!!

It is Time to Stop Caring About What Others Think of You + $1000 GUCCI Giveaway!!!

I grew up tip toeing around other people’s feelings because I hated to disappoint anyone. I would always place my needs, wants, ideas, and opinions at the back burner because I was a people pleaser.  You already know that I am a recovering control freak but I think it was worse for me to be a push over in life! Too many times I have felt deflated, disappointed, and used because I didn’t know how to speak up for myself. I was scared of rejection. I am a naturally shy person and it hasn’t been easy for me to voice my feelings and opinions. This is why blogging can be so hard for me because you must be quite open and even vulnerable.

This photo shoot was a very empowering one because it represented so much to me! It isn’t easy wearing a swimsuit around town and getting photographed in front of people. But, I have this weird thing about making myself do things that are really hard. I know only through discomfort and pain can you truly grow! I can tell you that after the photo shoot, I felt strong, more beautiful, and capable! It further affirmed to me the importance of not caring about what others think! Doing what what you happy will literally set you free!

I don’t know if you knew this before, but I resisted blogging for at least a year before I embarked on this blogging journey! There were so many mental blocks in my head. The biggest one is “what would people think of me?” The promptings still came strong after so much resistance to share myself with the world. I knew I needed to follow it. It was time to come out of my shell, share my voice, positivity, and desire to inspire women to live an authentic life. Thus, my blog title of “To Thine Own Style Be True” was born!

This is long overdue but last month marked my two year anniversary of my blog! xo Thank you all so much for your support and love!!! It truly means so much!!!

I was tired of being a push over in life! Many times I have felt deflated, disappointed, and used. I didn't know how to speak up for myself. I was scared of rejection. I couldn't stop my natural inclination to please others. Through daily practice I have learned to stop caring about what others think and I am so happy!

I want you guys to live your life to the fullest and spare you from any pain and regret for not being true to yourself. The fear of rejection is real! It has prevented me from making decisions, speaking up and sharing my voice. I have struggled with this problem for as long as I can remember. It is embarrassing to admit that. But, I want to be the best version of me and especially so I can be the best kind of mother to my three amazing children!

It has been through the loving support of my husband and by actively practicing self love that I have mostly overcome this — it is an ongoing life lesson! I am human and full of weaknesses (I am okay in admitting that)! However, my faith in God and my knowledge of my divinity continues to uplift, heal, and sustain me.

It is Time to Stop Caring About What Others Think of You

If anything, this is more of a therapeutic journal entry for me and you guys are probably more emotionally and spiritually mature than I am! So, if this doesn’t pertain to you, please close this window and read something else or better yet humor me and keep reading! Because once I stopped caring about what others thought of me I started to feel more creative, alive, and happy!

Here are five reasons why It is Time to Stop Caring About What Others Think of You!

No. 1: Negative Comments are About Them and Not You

I remember the first time I received negative comments on social media. The person who commented under a fake name said that I was fat, had fat legs, fat body, was a fake, and an old lady! Yikes, these are comments really no one wants to hear. But, honestly these comments are a reflection of the person who made them and not about me. For a moment, I considered not posting images of myself because I didn’t want more attacks on my body. But, I realized I wasn’t going to let their opinion dim my light and the best revenge is shining brighter!

No. 2: Do They Really Care? No, not really! 

As a teenager I remember second guessing every decision I made because I was worried about what my friends and people (complete strangers) would think of me. I now know they really didn’t care! LOL!  I wasted all that time worrying about nothing.  I see the same pattern in my sweet girls and I lovingly remind them that their friends too are probably just as self-conscious and they need not care about what others think. We often go about our days thinking people are judging us. But, really most aren’t, they are too wrapped up in their own worlds! This is a perfect moment to practice self love and do things that make you happy and not care what others think.

No. 3: We are all Imperfect People

Understanding that every one on this planet is not perfect helps us not judge ourselves and others. I can’t tell you how many times I would compare myself to someone else and as I got to know them better I realized they had problems of their own too! This didn’t make me love them less but actually love the more. My respect for them grew more because they become more relatable and human to me. We are supposed to make mistakes here on earth. The beautiful part of this learning process is growing from it. Make your decisions confidentially and if you have made a mistake, learn from it, and move on. Give other people that grace too!

No. 4: Be True to Yourself 

This is something I remind myself daily and teach my kids time and time again….be true to yourself! I don’t want them to live a life that would please me. My goal is to have my kids live an authentic life that is true to their life mission! I don’t know if that made any sense? Let me know if it does. Our life is our life to live, no one else! Never question yourself. Follow your gut instincts. At the end of the day, you must make yourself happy. If you are not true to yourself, you are hurting yourself. When you follow your heart, life will feel more fulfilled and joyous!

Photography by Bleudogfotography

No. 5: Remove Negative Influences

I have learned the hard way that not all people want the best for you! Some people will be jealous of you, hate you, and even try to sabotage you. It was hard for me to remove myself from situations and people because I have a big heart…this ability to love hard has taught me important life lessons. I have learned to discern who and what is deserving of my precious time, energy, and effort! I thought I could save people but realized people can only help themselves. Any influence that is negative or draining must be cut off from your life. Making this decision has brought great clarity and safety to my soul and improved my emotional well being. We all deserve this!

You Reap What You Sow

It is my hope that my five reasons why It is Time to Stop Caring About What Others Think of You has made an impact…even if it was a small one. There are going to be some people in life that dislike you and there is nothing you can do about it. Stop wasting your time on people and things that don’t matter. Instead focus on the things and people in life that do. Improve yourself and share your talents, gifts, and energy with people and causes that truly bring you satisfaction and purpose. Really try to not care what people think and practice this daily. It gets easier I promise and don’t forget to be kind to others too!

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