How to Heal Weak and Damaged Nails Yourself

If only my nails could do the talking, it would’ve expressed how this global pandemic is all sorts of unpretty. In the strict practice of social distancing, I had my acrylic nails removed at home. It did it myself for the first time ever! As an aftermath, my nails were unfortunately weak and damaged from prolonged use of acyclic nails. 

In the video below, you will see how I went about the process of removing my artificial nails. 

It is so nice to have my natural nails shine. However, it is apparent that my nails needs some major TLC! And the good thing is, Sally Hansen was there to save the day! With its newest nail care essentials and nail polish colors, it literally brought my nails back to life. I highly recommend their NEW Color Therapy Beautifiers and Sheers Collection. 

Sally Hansen's New Color Therapy Beautifiers and Sheers Collection

NEW Color Therapy Beautifiers and Sheers Collections help you to get the best manicure at home. Six step-by-step nail care products for healthy nails and cuticles. Add all 6 Color Therapy Nail Beautifiers to your regular nail color and care routine for healthy pampered nails.
How to Repair Damaged Nails After Removing Acrylics
How to Heal Weak and Damaged Nails Yourself


Step 1: Start with the Nail Primer. It will smooth your nails and even it out to create the perfect canvas.

Step 2: Apply a coat of the Nail Corrector to help conceal and correct nail pigmentation.

Step 3: Finish with the Strengthening Base Coat for a healthy and strengthening start to your manicure.


Step 4: Finish your manicure with high shine with their High Gloss Topcoat.

Step 5: Make sure to strengthen your nails with the Strengthening Topcoat.

Nail & Cuticle Care

Step 6: Use the Nail & Cuticle Serum to hydrate your nails and cuticles. This is the perfect ending to your manicure.

Sally Hansen's newest care essentials and nail color.

Color Care Shades

There are 45 Color shades to choose from. A beautiful variety of sheers to opaque shades. Each Color Therapy nail polish contains their patented Argan Oil Formula for infuses intensive nourishment and instant moisture for healthy looking nails. You can get up to 10 days of fade-proof, chip-resistant wear.

Sally Hansen Color Therapy. Color that cares while you wear.

In just 6 easy steps you can restore your weak and damaged nails to a state of strength and health. You can do this all on your own too and from the comfort of home which is perfect for me because I am such a homebody and we are still following ‘Stay at Home’ orders. I am really loving Sally Hansen NEW Color Therapy Beautifiers and Sheers Collections. It will jumpstart your journey to healthy strong nails. 

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