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Get your brow game on!

It is time for you to get the best brows in your life. Because your eyes are the window to your soul, it’s so important to make your eyebrows a priority in your daily beauty routine. Eyebrows are like the curtains of your face. They frame your face and give it form and composition. Eyebrows are more relevant than ever. Here are a few tips and tricks to beef up your eyebrow game. Are you ready?

Brow Beginnings 

Always start with clean and dry brows.

Choose a brow color that closely resembles your natural brow color. If you choose one that is too dark, it will look overdone. Yet if you choose one that is too light, it will not be noticeable. 

To see how a color will look on your skin, you can take the eyebrow pencil and draw a small line on the inside of your forearm. 

Brow Pencil vs. Brow Powder

An eyebrow pencil is great for creating a distinct outline and drawing additional hairs.

Brow pencils are perfect for precise application and fine lines.

Brow powder creates a more soft and natural brow look.

People with oiler skin find that brow powder applies and stays longer.

The Perfect Eyebrow Shape

Step 1: Hold an eyebrow brush or pencil alongside your nose. Notice where the pencil meets the brow line this is where your eyebrow should start. 

Step 2: Place the eyebrow pencil or brush at a 45degree angle from the outside of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. This is where your eyebrow should ideally end. 

Step 3: Use a spoolie to brush your eyebrow hairs up to see the shape you prefer and to note which parts are uneven and sparse. 

The Best Tips and Tricks

The goal is to create tiny hair-like strokes by using a flicking motion with either an eyebrow pencil or angled brush dipped in eyebrow powder. 

Avoid an overdone eyebrow by buffing out any hard lines and brushing the hairs with a spoolie brush

Steer clear of angry eyes by filling your brows with a light hand and intensifying your look as needed. 

Brighten up your brow area with a concealer, not a highlighter. Use a concealer on your brow bone to spotlight your arches. 

Set your eyebrow hairs in place with a brow gel. Use one with color for added depth and intensity

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Product Recommendations

Benefit Cosmetics: Precisely, My Brow Eyebrow Pencil (available in 12 colors) $24. 

European Wax Center: Browfection Brow Powder Duo (lightweight and smudgeproof) $22.

Billion Dollar Brows: Brow Duo Pencil, Concealer & Highlighter (universally flattering shade) $18.

CoverGirl: Easy Breezy Volumizing Brow Gel (buildable formula) $9. 

Lancome: Sourcils Gel DualEnded Eyebrow Brush #27 (define, blend, and brush) $27.

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