Green Chef: The best meal kit subscription for eaters with dietary requirements.

This blog post is not sponsored. I love this meal kit so much that I decided to share on my blog to provide further information to my readers. I have partnered with Green Chef on my Instagram which was sponsored.

Looking for a delicious and easy meal delivery system? Orange County Blogger Debbie Savage is sharing her favorite service- Green Chef. See it here!

I admit that the last place I wanted to be in when I was a teenager was the kitchen!  My mother and grandmother would plead for me to join them in the kitchen. I would finally go after their pleading became stern requests and I could no longer avoid their glares! LOL! I only showed up when the food was ready. To me, the kitchen was a lame place to spend time and food prep just took so long!



The kitchen was where my mom and grandma cooked Cambodian food side-by-side and chatted their time away. I love those memories. Even though I protested a lot back then, I did end up learning a great deal about finding good produce, exotic ingredients, and the many ways you can make a basic food item taste out of this world! The Cambodian dishes they made were delicious! My gratitude goes to my grandmother and mom for not giving up on me and making me learn how to cook. It has served me well as a mother.


Now, with three kids of my own, I am really putting all of this to practice in real life. I love cooking! I love spending time in the kitchen (minus the dishwashing) and I can’t wait for our kitchen remodel to be done. Out of my three kids, my middle child Chloe loves the kitchen too. She has since she was a little girl. She taught herself how to use the recipe and made cookies, cakes, brownies, and stir-frys all by herself. Chloe and I love spending time in the kitchen together! I am always looking for new ways to get her into the kitchen with me. And with more hands in the kitchen, it is easier and more fun to get dinner ready for the family.

Looking for a delicious and easy meal delivery system? Orange County Blogger Debbie Savage is sharing her favorite service- Green Chef. See it here!

As mentioned earlier, our kitchen is going through a huge remodel. We have a makeshift kitchen in our newly constructed laundry room and we are learning how to make things work with a happy heart! A meal kit subscription with options for people with dietary restrictions (I will go into that later) is exactly what this mama needs! I also want to save time in the kitchen to enjoy time out and about with my kids, as summer is short!


Looking for a delicious and easy meal delivery system? Orange County Blogger Debbie Savage is sharing her favorite service- Green Chef. See it here!

So, I can’t tell you how timely it was to partner with my friends at Green Chef. They help you find a groove that makes cooking healthy meals exciting and easy, week after week. Their delicious meals come packaged with pre-cut, pre-measured food to make meal time quick and simple. All of the ingredients are organic which is important to us. Also, the easy step-by-step instructions with photos make it foolproof. Chloe really is enjoying how to learn how to cook and Green Chef is helping her gain more confidence in doing so.

Dinners are ready in less than 30 minutes and boy oh boy are they good! They are restaurant-quality meals made with premium ingredients. The best part is that I can cook with my family in the comfort of my own home. I can see exactly what I am using and home-cooked food just tastes better. No grocery shopping, waiting in lines, driving, waiting at a restaurant, tipping—I love this! As I have said, I prefer a kit with different lifestyle/dietary choices and I am happy to report that Green Chef offers Keto, Paleo, Plant-Powered and Balance Living options. You can easily change which day your delivery arrives or pause for weeks at a time. 



Whether you have teens or kids who love to help in the kitchen, want to cook for your significant other or just yourself—Green Chef offers delicious meal plans for every lifestyle complete with easy step-by-step directions. You will love their ever-changing menu, with crave-worthy dishes and a variety of meal plans to choose from each week.  Green Chef is truly the best meal plan subscription for me.

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P.S. I selected the Keto option and the meal kits delivered are DELISH!





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