Experiencing Bloat? Try Using a Greens Powder

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Got Bloat?

Feeling bloated is one of the worst conditions to be in! It even tops having a headache. At least with a headache I can still go about my day. I may not be at my best but I can survive. However, with a bloated belly it is much different. You are so painfully distended, and this distention often means you could look pregnant even if you aren’t. Combine this with feeling selfconscious because you can’t fit into anything and don’t want to be seen in public since people might ask you how far along you are you just want to crawl into a cave and cry. I have had my share of bloated days, and it sucks! I was so tired of not feeling and looking my best and wanted a natural solution to fix this belly problem. It was time!

Is Bloat Ruining Your Life?

As a blogger, my job requires me to be in front of the camera daily, and having a bloated belly affects my work. There was a time that my bloat was so bad I had to push back a couple campaigns because I couldn’t fit into the clothes I needed to wear. It was so depressing!

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Helpful Tips to Relieve Bloat

There has been a lot of trial and error in trying to resolve my bloat issues. You will have to find out what is triggering it and take care of the root causes. For me, I knew it was a combination of stress and diet. As a busy mother of three who runs her own business, I feel a lot of daily stress. Knowing this, I had to find practical ways to minimize my overwhelmed emotions.

I have found that meditation, prayer, journaling, essential oils, and yoga work wonders in reducing my stress levels, thus improving my digestive system. Another way I pinpointed what was causing my bloat was using a food journal and noting which foods would often trigger digestive issues. Foods such as dairy and high fodmap foods like cauliflower, broccoli, and brussels sprouts had to be removed from my diet until my stomach healed. Once I got a hold of this, I knew I needed to be more proactive in caring for my gut the natural way, and using a greens powder has helped immensely.

Ajna Wellbeing Gorgeous Greens x @debbiessavage

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Greens Powder to The Rescue

A greens powder will contain superfoods without the roughage and insoluble fiber that causes bloating and digestive distress. This was a huge game changer for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love eating my vegetables, but sometimes those exact veggies were the cause of my problems. The nutrients and phytonutrients are in an easily digestible form which your body can digest, break down, and utilize, thus preventing bloat and digestive discomfort. I have tried many greens powders in my time, and unfortunately they were not used because they tasted awful and didn’t blend well with water. This all changed when I discovered Gorgeous Greens from Ajna Wellbeing. Now, I can’t live without it and drink a cup of it each morning. 

Ajna Wellbeing Gorgeous Greens x @debbiessavage

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Give Gorgeous Greens A Try

Gorgeous Greens has your daily dose of organic greens without causing any bloat. In fact, it has 12 phytonutrientloaded superfoods that are good for your body and are easily digestible. It also contains acacia gum, which was shown to improve digestive wellness and relieve the symptoms of intestinal discomfort. Your gut loves acacia gum. Another added benefit is that the right amount of organic green powder grasses support a healthy metabolism. It also creates a balanced pH in your body, which will help lower inflammation and potential for disease. It is honestly the best remedy I have found for detoxing and getting rid of bloat. It mixes well with both water and smoothies, and you can even add it when baking. I love that it has so many uses. But most of all, I love that it has helped to heal my gut. Now my bloat days are few and far between, which is why I definitely recommend you give Gorgeous Greens a try

Ajna Wellbeing Gorgeous Greens x @debbiessavage

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