Color Trends to Try: Brown and Red Aesthetic

I love playing with colors! When I was a kid, I would fantasize about getting the Crayola 64 ct crayon box with the sharpener in the back because it contains ALL of the colors of the rainbow. We didn’t have extra money to buy the biggest crayon box because my mom was a single mom. This meant that I used my small crayon box till it was no more. But this didn’t stop me from wishing for the coveted big crayon box! That day finally came when I got my first big crayon box with the sharpener in the back. I would carefully take out each color and study the shade. One of my favorite parts was reading the crayon label and the names that were used to identify them. I was so gleeful when I used my new crayons and had so many to choose from when coloring! Life was sweet.

My days of playing with crayons may be long gone, but you better believe I am still playing with colors — this time with my personal style. Let me introduce you to a new color combination trend to try right now. Imagine the most chocolate brown crayon and vibrant rich red in your crayon box. These are the two colors that we are focusing on. Combing the rich espresso color of brown with fiery red is chic, modern, and bold — but not in a brash way. It just looks really good together and is a color combination that is unexpected and a breath of fresh air.

If you are looking for an easy way to spice up your everyday brown pair of pants or brown blouse, add some pops of red in your jewelry, such as earrings, handbags, and shoes. Give this a try and let me know how this makes you feel. For me, I feel gorgeous, fashion-forward, and confident. This aesthetic is one to remember and recreate on your own.

Chocolate Brown Blouse 

This chocolate brown long-sleeve blouse is perfect for spring. It is made with a light-weight material called rayon that you can wear in spring and comfortably in the summer months. I love the drop shoulder that is accented with moderate ruffles. The same ruffles are highlighted on the neck and down the blouse that lends to a tuxedo style vibe. The length is long but can easily be tucked in or worn loose under leggings or belted. This blouse retails for $29.99 and is from SHEIN’s new MOTF premium clothing line. I love that it is so soft!

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High-Waisted Vegan Leather Belted Shorts

There are some pieces that elevate your look instantly, seriously, without any effort. Case in point: a high-waisted vegan leather belted shorts that has edge to any look. It is quite remarkable that these vegan leather shorts are comfortable. There are no hash seams that rub against my skin and tender areas. The soft faux leather is drapes nicely on my lower body while still providing structure that all leather garments typically do without the uncomfortable stiffness. The belts cinches your waist perfect and it has pockets to store your essentials like gloss and keys. I am grateful for the high rise design because it has a slimming effect. This vegan leather shorts are on sale for $39.99, regularly priced at $68.00.

Red Pillow Shoulder Bag

I got this chic fiery red shoulder bag for Christmas from my husband. It was available on Nordstrom Rack in both red and light brown. It was so hard to decide between the two colors! But, I am glad I choose the red. The shoulder bag is pillowy soft and its crinkly textured leather is fun to handle. It has two straps one that is a metal braided leather chain strap which creates an edgy statement and a longer black leather strap to use as a crossbody bag. It has able storage interiorally and a back slip pocket is easy grasp your cell phone or keys. This gorgeous red handbag is from Marc Jacobs in retails around $200 – 500 depending on the retailer and color options.

Hot Red Shoes (mules, heels, slides, sandals, sneakers, stilettos, pumps, you name it!) 

Take an inventory of your shoe collection right now. Go on, head over to your closet and check to see if you have a pair of red heels. If you do, right on, sistah! If you don’t, now is the time to add major sassiness to your life with a pair of fiery red hot footwear. You can wear the most basic of outfits: a t-shirt with jeans, sweatshirt and joggers, top with a mini skirt, or blouse with trousers. When you add a statement color such as red to your footwear it heightens your entire look instantly. It is downright sexy without trying and this is exactly what we all want. I am crazy about these Sam Edelman slide heels found on Amazon. They are unfortunately sold out via Amazon. But, there are my favorite shops to search for your perfect pair of red shoes. Have a go at it!

Shop Red Shoes at Nordstrom Rack

Shop Red Shoes at Nordstrom

Shop Red Shoes at Amazon


Red Statement Earrings

Okay, if you are scared to sport a lot of red or if you prefer to be more subtle when it comes to bold colors, start with adding red accessories. It can be a red bracelet, watch, belt, scarf, hair clip, red nail polish, brooch, or hat. My favorite accessory is earrings. I love wearing earrings and the bigger the better for me. I think it is because I have long dark hair. I want my jewelry to pop; so, my jewelry selection is always strategic. I love these stunning red statement boho earrings that I found on Amazon. Look for statement earrings that have bold colors and are lightweight making them absolutely comfortable to wear.

Outfit Details:

c/o Shein: Moft Premium Drop Shoulder Ruffle Trim Blouse, $29.00

Express: Super High Waisted Vegan Leather Belted Shorts (sold out); similar vegan leather belted shorts $34.00

Marc Jacobs Pillow Shoulder Bag, $279.00

Sam Edelman Hope Slide Heels (unavailable); similar red heel shoes, $39.97

Boho Beaded Tassel Earrings (unavailable); similar boho statement earrings, $10.69


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