Chunky Style Sneakers for Every Woman

Want to rock those chunky sneakers but aren't sure how? Orange County Blogger Debbie Savage is sharing her favorite chunky sneaker options that anyone can wear. Click to see them HERE!

Striped Trim Tee Dress // Big Hoop Earrings // GUCCI Soho Disco Leather Bag // STEVE MADDEN Chunky Sneakers (out of stock, similar here)

To be quite honest for you, I thought this look was completely ugly. I couldn’t imagine myself wearing chunky sneakers that looked so huge and bulky. With size 10 feet I have always been self-conscious about it and wouldn’t want to do anything that would draw attention to it further. But, I realize now it was all in my head. I found this chic pair of ugly dad sneakers at Nordstrom Rack and I figured it wouldn’t hurt me too much to experiment with this trend because I got it on super sale.

To my surprise when I tried them on, I loved it! I loved how comfortable my feet felt with all of the extra cushion. It also seemed as though I was a bit taller wearing them and I welcome this benefit as I am only 5’4″. So, with the combination of how incredibly comfortable my feet felt and notably, how cute it actually looks on – I am now a fan of ugly dad chunky sneakers. Yes, I am! Gals, you need to try it, too! I am late to this game and honestly don’t see this trend going away…so I invite you to find your special pair of chunky sneakers. Cuz’ we are bringing UGLY BACK!

Steve Madden Chunky Sneakers

Want to rock those chunky sneakers but aren't sure how? Orange County Blogger Debbie Savage is sharing her favorite chunky sneaker options that any woman can wear. Click to see them HERE!

I rounded up a variety of chunky sneakers for your liking.  Whether you prefer an all-white sneaker, metallic-hued, animal print or bright colored ones; you’ll surely find a pair (or two) of chunky sneakers that suit you perfectly! Let me know what you think. Happy Shopping!

The best Chunky Sneaker You Can Buy Right Now!

All-White Chunky Sneakers

These chunky white sneakers not only scream chic style but also mega glam with its crystal-embellished accents.

Want to sport some 90’s retro-cool? These white sneakers are chunky and featured a nifty front zipper.

Perfect street-style sneakers with mesh paneling and comfortable footbed.

Seeking some major height for your chunky sneaker? This one is for you!

Metallic-Hued Chunky Sneakers

Sparkly studs and shimmer make these chunky sneakers stand out.

These gold-hued ugly dad sneakers are anything but UGLY.

Your little tyke wants to sport this chunky sneaker trend too.

Say hello to major street cred with these mega-chunky platform sneakers.

Animal Print Chunky Sneakers

Looking for a sporty chunky sneaker with some pizazz? Snakeskin is the answer.

A fashion-forward pair of chetah print chunky sneakers perfect for the streets.

Genuine calf-hair chetah print ugly dad sneakers made for fashion week.

Mixed animal print and creative blocking make these chunky sneakers are a total knockout.

Brightly Colored Chunky Sneakers

Sleek and stretchy these lilac-hued chunky sneakers stand out with its punch of pretty purple.

A creative expression of pastel colors in this comfortable chunky sneaker.

High-tech and high-fashion converge with this color pop ugly dad sneaker.

Stand out in the crowd with these 80s inspired color block chunky sneakers.

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