Big Bold Florals










Photography by Jea9photography.

Even though socially I may be a bit more reserved the opposite is true when it comes to my style. I love things bold, bright, and unique. So, when I spotted this dress on Zulily I knew I had to have it!  The dress is tailored to compliment a woman’s body and the print is striking.  The floral design is vivid, dramatic, and large which makes this dress the kind when you walk into a room all eyes are on you!

My choice to become a fashion blogger has been quite a transformation for me.  It is more than just sharing with you my styling techniques and fashion inspiration.  It is forcing me to come out of my shell, to not fear judgement, to silence the critics in my head, and to follow my creative mission.  It is life changing!  And I am so excited to share this experience with you!

These 5 Beliefs Have Helped Me To Authentically Follow My Path

  • Choose to live my life the way I see it.
  • Make no excuses for my dreams.
  • Have confidence in me and all of me.
  • Listen to that small but powerful inner voice.
  • Take actions that make me feel alive and purposeful.

This dress from Zulily was more than a style decision. The bold pattern signified the part of my life that wanted to sing and express myself without hesitation.  I invite you to do the same in same.  Choose to do things that make your heart sing.  Let’s move forward together today and choose to do things that make our heart sing!



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