Ajna Wellbeing Meditation Cushion Revisited

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Ajna Wellbeing Meditation Mat

Find Your Zen

Meditation has changed my life by immensely reducing my anxiety and stress. Those who are new to meditation have told me that it is hard for them and/or they can’t do it. Well, I am here to tell you it isn’t as hard as you think. There is no need to carve out a huge chunk of your time to meditate. Often, just 5 minutes is all you need to put your mind on the right path. Also, you don’t need to stress yourself out by trying to control your mind to become an empty vessel. All you have to do is just be still and calm, and focus on the beauty of your breath. 

The Power is Within You

People often associate meditation with practicing self-awareness and this is a good thing. Having self-awareness is important because it gives you the skill to tune into your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It is a great start to self-improvement as you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses and how you have the power to influence personal outcomes. However, just as important, meditation also leads to a path of better health.

Ajna Wellbeing Meditation Mat

Ajna Wellbeing Round Cushion

Think Big Picture

Meditation can rewire your brain and help you cope with stress in the world:

Meditation helps to relieve stress.

Meditation improves your memory and focus.

Meditation helps to develop mental discipline.

Meditation can aid in pain management.

Meditation supports better sleep.

Meditation helps improve your attention span.

Mediation positively affects your blood pressure by lowering it.

Meditation helps to calm your anxiety.

Support Yourself

As you can see, there are many benefits to meditation. The important thing to remember is to find a quiet place in your home to practice it, where you will not be distracted or interrupted. I like to use those quiet times after the morning rush, postlunch or right before bed. Just pick a time that works for you. I also love resting my body on Ajna Wellbeing Meditation Cushions. They help to support my body by providing a soft place to practice meditation and offer the support I need. The more comfortable you are, the better you can tune in to your practice. 

Ajna Wellbeing Round Cushion

Embrace This

The Ajna Organic Cotton Zabuton Meditation Mat is a luxurious mat pillow that makes sitting or kneeling comfortable. It also creates a dedicated meditative space in my home. For times when my back is feeling especially tender, I love using Ajna Round Cushion because it alleviates back pain and relieves pressure on my joints. Using it puts my spinal column in the right alignment and I begin to feel a deeper relaxation. 

Ajna Wellbeing Meditation Mat

Ajna Wellbeing Meditation Mat

Blissful Comfort

Whether you are new to meditation or a seasoned yogi, continue on with this practice and consider adding meditation cushions to your practice. Ajna Wellbeing has a variety of them in various shapes, sizes, and also fabric types that you will surely love and can’t live without.

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