3 Ways To Wear A Flower Crown

Every girl and woman for that matter wants an excuse to wear a flower crown! Whether it’s for a wedding, bohemian inspired festival, or on-trend boho look, a floral crown is the perfect way to adorn your hair. I love this one from The Pearled Rose because it is handmade in the USA and made with dainty rhinestones and pearls which makes it not only a whimsical hair accessory but a glamorous statement piece.

There are so many ways to wear a flower crown. I love experimenting with hair accessories and anything with flowers and jewels make my heart sing. The fun part about wearing a floral crown is remembering to have fun! There is no right or wrong way to wear one. Let your hair down or up and don’t fuss about it.

A flower crown across your forehead, at the crown of your head or even in pigtails is so dang cute and effortlessly beautiful. Your look can be casual and cute or sophisticated and glam. It is your choice.

Have fun!

Pigtails + Across the forehead
Hair pulled back + Worn at the crown of the head
Handcrafted Small Beige Pearl Flower Crown from The Pearled Rose
My princess moment
Perfect for both girls and mamas
Hair down + Worn at the crown of the head
Handmade with love

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