Beautiful Hair With DermOrganic at Ulta Beauty

Keeping my hair looking beautiful and healthy has always been a priority for me.  Finding the right hair care products to keep my hair strong, healthy, and shiny throughout the different seasons of the year is a must. So, when DermOrganic reached out to me and asked me to try their Argan Oil Hair Care…

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Creating Your Own Family Christmas Traditions

To Thine Own Style Be True | Creating You Own Family Christmas Traditions

Creating our own family Christmas traditions has been a goal for us even before we started our family.  Holiday traditions become very special because of the memories linked to them.  We loved our family traditions that we had growing up.  But, we were also excited to create our own as a young family with what…

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Ditch Your Skinnies | Wear a Denim Dress

In my recent post on Sweater Dress Style I shared with you my love for dresses!  I would rather wear a dress than a pair of jeans any day. Why? I love dresses because they are feminine, soft, and alluring.  I love the way I feel wearing a great dress. It makes me feel connected to my…

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