The Health Benefits of Intimacy with SwissJust

You Can Enhance Your Emotional Well-Being With SwissJust Love & Care Line

We made it!  Happy Friday! Today I am excited to share with you the second post in my blog series with SwissJust. Make sure to check out last month’s post if you missed it. I decided to be more direct in the purpose of this blog post by titling it: The Health Benefits of Intimacy. Has…

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Through The Tulips Maxi Dress

Happy Tuesday! I have new projects in the making that I so excited to share with you when the time is right. I am incredibly grateful for the many companies and brands that reach out to me daily to collaborate! Thank you so much for believing in me and in my dream! My children and…

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Jill-e Designs Helps You Protect Your Mobile Devices in Style

Jill-e Designs on To Thine Own Style Be True

Thank goodness for Jill-e Designs in my life!  I am going to be completely honest with you. My struggle is organization.  I once read that it is one of the side effects to being a creative type. In my life I have several projects going on and with three kids I am definitely on the…

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