Mommy and Me Time Made Easy

I am in a different stage of life now.  My kids are older and the days of nursing and diaper changing are long gone! Each of my children have their own distinct needs, hobbies and talents. It is amazing to see them excel and shine and also heartbreaking to see them hurt and struggle.


Finding time to create quality mommy time is an ongoing quest for me. They need a lot of my energy, patience, compassion, guidance, listening, rearing and most of all love!  I find parenting at this stage to be more emotionally intensive.



My primary role is being a full-time mother and I love it! It is the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life! I prize my role as a mother but also enjoy doing other things too. With my three children in school full-time I can devote time in pursuing my love for fashion as a fashion blogger that I started April of 2016.


I also own and operate my own jewelry business and serve in my church and community.  My plate is full but my heart is full as well.  I love being an entrepreneur and following my creative spirit as a fashion blogger and giving of my time and talents to my church and children’s schools.

Being a parent in my eyes is the surest way to reach heaven! Why? Because being a mother teaches me so many life lessons that I can’t learn otherwise.  I am stretched, tested and tried. Constantly! Ha ha! It is because I am so imperfect and that is okay. God is teaching me to be GREAT! How grateful I am for my faith in God who guides and sustains me and for a spouse who is by my side in this journey!


Life can get so hectic!  As a mother I find myself being pulled in so many directions! Last year was a year of weeding out what was better for what was best — my family!  There is no greater joy than to spend time with your children. It doesn’t have to be fancy and you don’t have to spend money to make time with your children special.


This entire photo shoot was dedicated to my three children Emi who is 13, Chloe who is 10, and Elijah who is 6! I love them so much!  It is so fun to have them join in on my fashion blog projects!  It was another way to spend some quality mommy and me time!  And we had a blast doing so!  Let me share with you some easy ways to incorporate mommy and me time for ladies who are killing it as #GIRLBOSSES!


My Fun and Easy Ways to Spend Mommy and Me Time:

Mommy Beauty Parlor: My girl and I love watching YouTube tutorials on nail design and we like to copy those looks on each other!  It is so much fun! Not to mention playing with our hair and trying out the latest hairstyles!



Parent Child Date Night: On Thursday evenings my husband and I take turns taking each of our kids out on a date. We spend one on one time doing things they love.  Grabbing frozen yogurt, exercising together, catching a bite to eat, etc., Mommy and me time is made easy as I set aside time one evening a week to connect one-on-one with each of my children.  My kids look forward to this night and so do I!


Reading Books: I enjoy tucking my son Elijah to bed and reading to him his favorite books.  He never seems to tire of the same ones.  Going to the library is a lot of fun too as we pick out books together.  Every night as a family we also read from our scriptures or church magazine.



Running Errands Together:  Often times it is much easier to run an errand by yourself so you can get it done quicker and move onto the next thing.  However, when I ask one of my kids to join me – we get that special time alone in the car where I can ask him or her about their day.  I really learn a lot about my kids this way because in the car I hear the funniest stories and struggles they experience as a child.  It is a precious time!


Connect by Disconnecting from Media: We got rid of cable television. It was hard at first but I actually don’t miss it. We are such a busy family that we often didn’t watch it.  Now that it is gone we have more time for conversation.  The kids and I are more focused on each other and what we have to say and share.



I hope that this blog post about spending mommy and me time with your children will inspire you to carve out time for your precious angels whether they are in diapers or not. I invite you to evaluate your life right now and determine how you can spend more quality time with your kids. It will be the best investment you can make.


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Photography by Melissa Thomson

To Thine Own Style Be True | Debbie Savage Fashion Blogger

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  1. I loved this post! Your family is adorable!!! Thank you so much for sharing! Have a wonderful day!

  2. This is such a helpful post! As a mom of four and with a full-time day job and a fashion blogging business it so hard to carve out time for my children. I do many of the things that you said as I know the time with them is so fleeting and pretty soon they might not want to be with me at all.

    1. Hi April! This is so true! Time is so fleeting I mean it is almost February! You truly amaze me with your passion, insight and ambition! On top of that being a mommy is most important! xo

  3. Such a lovely family!! I love the photo with you and Chloe looking at each other and Emi and Elijah looking at one another, precious!! Wonderful ideas!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This blog post is by far one of my favorites and I have read a lot of fantastic posts of yours. What’s amazing is that you help so many mothers like myself put things in perspective when it comes to being a mother and the importance of that role. I started to have mommy and son movie night on Fridays where my son could pick any movie he wanted to watch – PG of course, and we would watch it together. We haven’t done it in a while and your post just made me want to implement that quality time for us again. Thanks so much for creating this post of wonderful tips and inspiration!

    1. Hi Pentene! This means soo much to me! Yes, we watch our ratings too – G or PG! Make sure to have some greasy popcorn on hand and a little junk food! Perfect cuddle time with your little man! He is too cute too! Love you! xo

  5. Debbie, what a heartwarming post. I struggle with this as I work 40 hours outside the home and have 4 kids who all want my attention as well as me needing my own time to blog and exercise, and spend time with the hubby, etc. It really is very hard, but something I need to focus more on. Great pictures, wonderful post, my fave so far!

    1. Hi Nicole! Thank you so much! I had so much to say! It was supposed to be a one paragraph post but my heart feels so much for my role as mother! I can’t wait to meet you in person so we can share stories! xo

  6. What a wonderful post! Beautiful pics, too! Thank you for offering up such doable ideas for spending quality time with the kiddos. I have 3 kids also, two boys and a girl, and my daughter loves to watch hair tutorials on YouTube with me, too!

  7. This is such a beautiful blog post and you have beautiful children! I can see so much love you have for them and they are blessed to have a wonderful mother like you! You are beautiful inside and out! Love you girl❤️ xo

  8. How wonderful you can still find time to do what you love and that is fashion blogging. Incorporating your children into your photos well I love to see happy smiling kids.

  9. What a beautiful family! As a mommy of an 18 month old, there are days that I can’t wait until she’s in school and I have a moment to myself, but I know these days with her are numbered. Thank you for reminding me to appreciate all the time we have to spend together. You’ve come up with some wonderful ideas for spending time with your school age kids! They are lucky to have such a great mom!

  10. Awe I just adore you! This post hits home so much and I am so thankful you wrote it. We only get so much time with our little ones before they grow up so it is so important to give them our time now and enjoy it as much as we can. We are shaping beautiful hearts and I don’t ever want to miss a moment. Thanks gorgeous I needed to read this