#ADOPTDONTSHOP | Support Coastal German Shepherd Rescue with Talbots

If you follow me on Instagram or seen some of my Instagram Stories you know that I just had a baby!  Her name is Reece — and she is just adorable!  We rescued her from the animal shelter in San Bernardino, California in late October when she was just two months old. It was highly likely that if she wasn’t adopted it would of been her last day. Ugh…I don’t like my mind to wander there.  It was a miracle she is ours!

To Thine Own Style Be True | #ADOPTDONTSHOP | Support Coastal German Shepherd Rescue with Talbots

I have a confession to make….I wasn’t originally open to adopting a dog from an animal shelter. I resisted the idea for so many reasons.  But as soon as Albert showed me a picture of Reece online, I knew she was meant to be ours and somehow I needed to rescue her.



When I called the animal shelter, I was told that I was number six on the wait – list!  My heart sank and my hopes faltered. We didn’t even have a 50% chance in adopting her!  Another negative for me was that we lived two hours away. Was the drive really worth it if the chances of coming home empty handed were high?  The night before interested families were allowed to come to the animal shelter in hopes of adopting an animal, I told Albert that I didn’t want to go. I felt very hopeless and in despair.


Thankfully, my husband’s optimism motivated me to try to rearrange my schedule (and three kids’ school schedules — yes, it can get very hairy) and make the two hour drive to The San Bernardino Animal Shelter (with ugly traffic) and hope the other five families ahead of me wouldn’t show up!  I decided with faith and love for this animal — that I didn’t even know — to save her life. It drove me to take the chance.

To Thine Own Style Be True | #ADOPTDONTSHOP | Support Coastal German Shepherd Rescue with Talbots

I reaped the rewards of my faith!  The other five families were a no – show!  I was the last one standing! The wonderful staff members there were so nice and celebrated with me! It was an amazing moment to meet her in cage #129 with other chihuahuas; it is still under investigation if she really is one as they shelter identified her — a chihuahua.  Are any of my readers dog experts?  What do you think?  Is she a chihuahua? Or is she what what our family postulates, a mini pinscher? Or a combination of both? Nonetheless, she is a cutie!


Photography by Melissa Thomson

When I received the invitation to support the Coastal German Shepherd Rescue, I jumped at the opportunity. Every year, approximately 1.2 million dogs are euthanized. Instead of shopping for a dog, adopt and rescue one this holiday season. This event means a lot to me since Talbots will donate 10% of sales toward the Coastal German Shepherd Rescue. You guys know I love Talbots (see my previous post here, here, here). I can’t wait to see you there!

Share the FUN & Make a DIFFERENCE

Talbots, South Coast Plaza

3333 Bear Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Thursday, December 15TH

4 PM – 7 PM

Talbots will donate 10% of pre-tax sales.

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  1. This is such a great post! Your new dog is beautiful and I know you have absolutely made a difference in her life! This is such a great cause too. I adopted a cat from an animal shelter 17 years ago and she is still with us to this day.

  2. This is just the sweetest story. Good for you and your family. You are making a difference in that puppies life. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful and inspiring post with us. Xo

  3. Such a sweet story- thank you for sharing. The day I brought our puppy home was one of the best days and she is almost 9 now. Dogs are such perfect little additions! Enjoy.

    1. Hi Len! I loved writing this post! It was really sentimental for me. Yes, we have one big family now! Lots of fun and insane moments but like my daughter says “We are a bunch of Savages!” LOL! xoxo

  4. Wow you are very lucky to get your wish to come true with getting this beautiful dog! I am a dog lover and would love to adopt a dog someday as they do deserve good homes and to be loved❤️

  5. My first dog was a rescue dog, we got him when he was 6 months and he is 13 now and you wouldn’t believe the things he injured in the first few months of his life. I think it’s so great to support any cause but most close to my heart is adoption for pets. This is such a great story and it shows if something is meant to be it will be. I’m so happy you were able to rescue this cutie and also were able to have your wish of owning him come true.

    1. Hi Kristina! I love hearing about your experience! Wow, he is now 13! Just incredible! This experience has been completely eye opening for me. I am so glad I was able to save one life!!! She brings us so much joy! xo

  6. Oh my goodness, Debbie, she is absolutely PERFECT! I love reading this story…2 of my sisters have rescue dogs, and they absolutely love them. It’s fun to hear about the human-dog connection and how it’s made so perfectly 🙂 She was meant to be yours!!