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Glitter Chunky Shoes from My Shoe Bazar featured on To Thine Own Style Be True

Happy Friday dolls! Β I have always loved all things shiny, blingy, and glittery! Anything that resembles the “princess life” I gravitate too. This obsession stems from my childhood when I would dream of being a real-life Disney princess. When it comes to shoes, you better believe they need to be lustrous! When I spotted these […]

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Improve Your Physical Health with SwissJust Natural Essential Oil-Infused Products

Debbie Savage of Thine Own Style Be True - SwissJust

For the past year, I have been using SwissJust Natural Essential Oil-Infused Products (see original post here)Β and I love it! Their products have enhanced my total well-being. This has helped me connect with the world around me and with others. This power of connection is so important! I’m excited to share more about this well-respected […]

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My Eyebrow Embroidery Experience with Flirt 3D Brow Microblading Part II

Debbie Savage of To Thine Own Style Be True Second Microblading Experience with Flirt 3D Brows & Skincare

I am excited to share with you the final results of my second microblading treatment, also known as the “Perfecting Session” with my girl Charlene Erksine of Flirt 3D Brows & Skincare. Back in December, I received my first microblading session and I was blown away with the results! My brows have always been uneven, […]

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